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IRAI ASTROLOGY SCHOOLIn 2003, Indigo Ray Astrology Inquiry embarked on the creation of an Astrology School. The mission was to educate and inform individuals about there own potential and ability to understand all the nuances buried in the treasure map of their personal birth chart. The school is NOT a training ground for new astrologers. It is meant to explain and demystify astrology to those who find an interest in it but may not be considering a career. It's perspective if from the "I" your own seeing "eye". It is our goal to assist in individuals evolutionary process through this school.

1) Personal Astrology:
Not for entertainment purposes but for life direction

The goal is to acquaint the student with all with the basic language and practices of interpretation of the science and art of Astrology. As the student graduates from this course to the intermediate course, s/he should be able to look at their own natal chart and identify the patterns and aspects within that chart for concise delineation.

Week 1: Elements, Modes and Zodiac Signs: NO PREREQUISITE

Week 2: The Planets: PREREQUISTE:student must have an understanding of the triplicities and quadruplicities as well as the zodiac signs to attend this class

Week 3: The Houses: PREREQUISITE:student must have an understanding of Week 1 and Week 2 material

Week 4: Aspects I (Major): PREREQUISITE: Students attending the next two weeks must understand how the Planets and Zodiac Signs of the House Cusp and their meanings. For example: must be able to understand Mars in the second house which is the cusp of Pisces.

Week 5: Aspects II (Minor): PREREQUISITE: WEEK 4

Week 6: Planetary Patterns and Aspect Configuration: PREREQUISITE: Student must be able to understand the ptolemaic aspects and their influence of energy plus major configurations, such as T Square, Grand Cross, Grand Trine, etc.

Week 7: Chart Analysis: PREREQUISITE: WEEKS 1-6
Personal Birth Data information as above is used in a class setting to learn how to look at your chart. You must have attended Weeks 1-6 to partake in weeks 7 & 8. NOTE: Only the registrant’s chart can be used, unless the student has written permission from that person to use it. Please see the teacher on that matter.

Conclusion on will continue with Birth examples, discussion on using Astrology and the responsibility, and speaking the astrological language. Discussion of where Astrology comes form, where it is now and where it is going in the future with new astronomical information being found regularly will happen.

     Tapes may be made of each class upon advance requests. Each lesson tape is $10.00 and sold separately by subject matter of the class.

   Prerequisite for all classes are: Personal Birth date MO/DAY/YEAR, Birth Place, Accurate Birth time and the Source of that information: Mother’s memory, birth certificate.

     Recommended text for this course are:
The Art of Chart Interpretation: Tracy Marks and V.1-2 of The Only Way to Learn Astrology by Joan McEvers and Marion March. Both are available at http://www.astro.com
2. Esoteric Astrology Explored (no individual classes offered) PREREQUISITE: Knowledge of the characteristics of the 12 zodiac signs. This course offers an esoteric reading of your personal chart with the teacher.

NOTE: This course is taught in 4 four hour classes (with 20 minute break) on Saturday or Sunday afternoon only.


      LECTURE 1: History of Esoteric Astrology: Theosophy, Alice Bailey an Alan Leo. Discussion of where it is today and how as individuals its important. Introduction to the Seven Rays and the theory

     LECTURE 2: 1 through 3rd Ray defined in the Signs, 4 through 7th Ray defined through the signs

     LECTURE 3: Personality and Soul Ray
     LECTURE 4: Healing Ray, discussion on the differences and similarites of esoteric and spiritual astrology, summary and application of the previous lecture in our natal charts.
Recommended reading: Alan Oken's Soul-Centered Astrology, Kurt Abraham's: Introduction to the Seven Rays.


   Three available formats:  Eight week course 2 hours each lesson, once a week or a weekend of two nine-hour days (includes lunch) 9-6 PM, Four week, four hour lectures with 20 minute break.

     Cost to student is $20.00 per class or $140.00 for those who sign up for the whole series or two day workshop. Participation in the whole series with full payment has the added benefit of having a 60 minute session with the Astrologer.

     For the two day workshop, both days are expected, no one day participation.

     Depending on space, 20 students is the maximum because of one on one instruction given.

     No Refunds for non-attendance.

     A Registration Fee of $20.00 is required upon reservation in the course and is not refundable. Full payment is expect five days before the course begins.

     Weekend workshops are available for booking. Please email us for the details. Travel outside of the State of Wisconsin will be paid for in advance by the conference or booking party.

One-Day Classes and Workshops:

Current Workshops Series for Madison, Wisconsin listing is found here

     The following offerings can be either a Saturday or Sunday. The class is six hours long with one 20-minute break. The tuition is $80 per student if held outside of Madison, WI.  $140 if held in Madison at IRAI's School. A $20.00-50.00 non-refundable registration fee is required. Generally, there are no refunds but there is an understanding of extenuating circumstances so that will be accepted on a case-by-case basis.

     Sliding scale is available. Please use the CONTACT IRAI link on the side bar for consideration.

1. Exploration of Karma and Past Lives in Personal Astrology

     What parts of our Natal Chart show us where we are in this lifetime and advise us on our karmic return and debt? (Western Tropical, Geocentric Astrology practice) The individuals will understand their own karmc path as indicated in their personal natal chart and progressed chart.

2. Astrology as a Healing Tool

     We are our own healers and within our personal Natal chart the pattern is explain. There will be discussion on the role of Chiron in a natal chart. Observing the blessings of the Lunar cycle and the Solar cycle informs the student of the positive impulses from the Celestial Heavens for personal healing and transformation. Developing your own inner solar system through guided visualization is taught. The text used for this class is Marcia Starck’s book: The Healing of Astrology.

3. Harmony of the Spheres

     This one-day class looks at all planets and luminary influence from both sides. The goal of the class is to learn through your own natal chart how to work with the harmony or to harmonize certain interactions to your life goals. Working with tones and vowels as a meditative device will be taught.

4. Astrology and the Tree of Life

     What is the Tree of Life and how does it integrated with Astrology? This is not Kabbalah. This course introduces the student to the Tree of Life as a self-examination tool along with Astrology and Tarot paths. Focus is on the paths and the spheres as meditation devices in one's own natal chart to assist with personal evolution.

5. Horary Astrology: the art of predicting with time

     The focus of this class will be the art of predicting by Astrology. Only requirement is the student should have is an Astrology software program that casts tropical geocentric charts. Many free software programs exist on the web.

     Horary is the science of divination through astrology. It helps make decisions, find things, elect times and much more. This class will give the student a good base to do personal divination by Horary.

6. Our Lunar Self: the transformative powers of our emotional, creative and psychic self examined through the influence of the your personal Moon’s energy.

     How the lunation cycle of each month affects us daily and how we can work within that energy. Questions answered will be: Does the Moon Void of Course have a personal influence? What is the Black Moon: Lilith? What Lunar Progressed Phase am I in? How the Solar Wheel of Life and Light integrates with the monthly lunation cycle. Also explained will be how the Lunar Nodes work within this energy.