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For years, Jacquelyn (founder of IRAI) provided the necessary alchemy expertise to counsel people in astrology and tarot readings. Since the advent of the Internet, the landscape grew to a larger public.  SEE BIRTH CHART OF IRAI (Indigo Ray Astrology Inquiry)

Jacquelyn has seriously studied astrology and the tarot since age 16 for about 30 years now. She is a member of the American Federation of Astrologers, and abides by the Federation's Code of Ethics.

Jacquelyn's interest became evident at very young age. Astrology was developed out of her first interest in astronomy. That led to catching the astrological interest by those tiny scrolls that popped out of candy machines for a nickel. All of this came together as a strong energy in a "need to know" capacity. She started practicing her glyphs of the planets, zodiac signs and the correspondences as well as the symbols for angles that she learned through her astronomy studies immediately on her blackboard slate at the tender age of 10.

The name Indigo Ray name came to Jacquelyn as an interest in color on the web and the light spectrum. It was noted that some time ago, the beloved ROYGBIV (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet) that our generation knew as the colors of the rainbow had been modified by world of science.

The "I" was removed from the spectrum because it was hardly negligible between the blue and the violet. Upon meditating on this information, the Indigo Ray, became important to this new venture from an esoteric view point of hidden mysteries of the self -- the "I" being revealed from the "invisible"ray of light. So the name of the electronic business was born.  

Like many dedicated astrologers, she believes that this occupation should be licensed and with necessary recognition as a profession. She strives to maintain and uphold the high standards of this profession through this venture.

An advocate for quality not quantity, she is painstakingly detailed in her own astrology reports for clients.   She has edited the software intepretations, in many cases, with her words. Each product is revised and doubled-checked for any oversight before sending it to the client.

She wishes to impress upon Indigo Ray's clientele the UNIQUENESS for all that is done. The art work is unique to each person's order as well as the astrologer's interpretation. She is also an graphic artist and is an experienced Desktop Publisher and web designer.

Why choose the Astrologer Interpretations with the computer interpretations readily available at a lower cost?

Yes, the computer interpretations are repetitive, and to say the very least, not necessarily accurate for the reading. We don't recommend you go with those nor can we guarantee the quality of that choice. Instead we do recommend the full package of both the computer readouts and the astrologer's interpretation. This is clearly the most information for the value of your money.

The HUGE advantage to this is the exchange you would have with the astrologer if, for example, you do not understand something. This is personalized and at a counseling level. The computer interpretations are really a "read what you will" and synthesize what is important for yourself.

One other gray area IRAI runs into is people who don't know their time of birth for sure or their place of birth. Jacquelyn is qualified to do chart rectification to discern the accurate houses and rising sign. That is additional money and takes a good deal of time. Please email us for further information on that and a quote.

Doing a chart based on sunrise or noon will not give you a qualified accurate reading but it will give you some of the information you may need. It can be done but once again the QUALITY of the read goes down lacking that necessary data.

On a final note and what you will see many times throughout this website is a quote "the stars impel not compel". Jacquelyn uses this phrase as a take off of the famous quote of the "stars incline, not compel". She chooses these words expressively as her belief. It is the celestial energy impulses from that which is "above" that affects our individual energies on this planet. However, how we interact with those impulses is still a matter of Free Will.  To that end she has no difficulty being called a "soft" astrologer for this belief.

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