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About our Philosophy and our Web site

It is our wholehearted belief that we are the captain of own ships, yet it doesn't hurt to have a map, compass as a guide. The Astrologer plays the role as the Navigator. Ultimately it is our choice how we steer that ship. Conscious living and loving is a tenet for our style of Astrology. It is not a religion.
Astrology is a PERSONAL spiritual tool and nothing more. If you believe that in Mercury in Retrograde you ought not travel BECAUSE of Mercury in Retrograde, we would say to you that is a misuse of the Astrology as a tool. Astrology does not place limitations on you, only you can choose that.

What it does do is identify potential energy patterns and cycles.
It is a study of repeating cycles in ones life. It is UNIVERSAL. It has no boundaries as far as race, creed or religion. It is ANCIENT WISDOM that is no longer hidden or just for a select few.

Put simply: We emphasize the Spiritual of the Celestial and the Terrestrial, through informed free will Astrology.

Our goal at IRAI is to excite people to learn more about their own personal astrology. Using their own personal astrology as a guide to conscious living. We are all made of the stars. The Universe is One.

After several months of electronic transmission of Astrology via the Internet, the owners have learned there is much more of an interest in the original astrologer's interpretations than the canned software interpretations.

This website's information is devised to bring quick and easy-to-understand introductory information to the visitor. It is, by no means, meant to be a textbook for astrology. This is just disseminate enough information that will allow the visitor to pursue more elaborate information at their local library or bookstore.

Throughout the website you will see recommendations for books or references that we encourage you to utilize for additional information. We also recommend books in our Bookstore for purchase.

The owners feel that most information via the web should be freely available if it is common information. This is the reason we set up IRAI's Reference and Resource center. Original intellectual thought, on the other hand, would need to be purchased. The owners do not claim any scholarly original intellectual thought in the lessons of this website. The presentation of the information with graphics and illustrations, however, is considered original. We ask that you request permission to reprint or copy in partial or totality any of our pages.

The web site is divided up with the various forms to purchase interpretative reports, consultation time.  Added in 2003 is the Indigo Ray Astrology Inquiry Astrology School with a listing of classes and available workshops. This area includes an indepth Resource Center for Learning.

The IRAI logo at the top of any page or in the sidebar can be clicked on with all the pages to return to INGRESS (entrance) of the web site.

This graphic links you to an original ready reference clickable map of the astrological wheel. It is placed throughout the website to assist you in the understanding of the text.

For ease of accessing quick information a SEARCH ENGINE  for this site only, is placed on pertinent pages of the IRAI.

The dynamic areas of the web site that will change on a timely basis will be:

a) The Monthly Ephemeris

b) The Astrologer's Articles

c) The Glossary

d) The Source Bibliography

e) Free Lessons

Those are all good reasons to add this site to your bookmarks or favorites list.

Every effort has been made to link terminology and words that are unique to the astrology language to their definition or explanation page within the website. It is our desire to make the reading and comprehending easy and quick for the visitor. If you have any suggestions on how to better the experience, please feel free to EMAIL US.

Contributions to this web site from other astrologer's are encouraged. Please inquire by using the CONTACT IRAI link in the side bar.

Wishing you Joy and Serenity,

Ira and Jacquelyn