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The American Ephemeris for the 21st Century : 2000 to 2050 at Noon / by Neil F. Michelsen (Compiler), Rique Pottenger

Reviewer: Carol Banner from Chicago, Illinois This must have ephemeris has several wonderful features which make it extraordinarily helpful to the beginner or advanced astrologer. I especially appreciate the gray highlighting used when each of the planets is retrograde. In addition, the exact timing of lunations, eclipses, Moon and planetary ingresses into the various signs, and timing of major aspects for each month are very helpful. This book opens with a Phenomena Section Explanation which is concise and understandable for even the first-time users of an ephemeris. Last but certainly not least, the typeface used is remarkably readable which is so important with such a numerically based work. Hats off to Michelsen and Pottenger -- their 20th Century Ephemeris was brilliant and they've moved on to the 21st Century with the same helpful style.

The American Ephemeris for the 21st Century 2000-2050 at Midnight / by Neil F. Michelsen, Rique Pottenger, Neil F. Michelson

Reviewer: A reader from Victoria BC Canada I have used Michelsen's Ephemerii for 20 years. They are accurate, and easy to use. Even in this age of computer charting, it's very handy to track the progress of the planets day-to-day or month-to-month.

The Complete Book of Astrology / by Ada Aubin, June Rifkin


Both a science and an art form, astrology is as old as recorded human history. "The Complete Book of Astrology" is a concise, easy-to-use guide to the complexities of astrology showing anyone how to use a natal chart to interpret a person's potentials. From the basics of the Sun Signs to planetary elationships and movements, this is the perfect book for anyone who wants a deeper understanding of themselves and others. 12 illustrations .

Spiritual Astrology / by Jan Spiller, Karen McCoy


The first book to link the influence of the planets to the growth of the soul. This book is a simple yet complete astrological guide to understanding life's higher purpose and finding the key to your personal: self expression, self-worth, emotional security, public achievement, independence and freedom of spirit, emotional ecstacy, self-mastery and personal power and much more. This book is a startling rediscovery of the importance of the solar and lunar eclipses occurring just before one's birth.

Alan Oken's Complete Astrology / by Alan Oken


Newly updated, this astrology classic that collects in one volume three of Oken's major books (As Above, So Below; The Horoscope; Astrology) features the latest information on the basic tenets of astrology and the Horoscope. Illustrated

The Arkana Dictionary of Astrology / by Fred Gettings


The selector has not purchased this book personally but have heard good reviews of it from trusted friends. Please email me if you have any comments about this book.

Astrological Secrets for the New Millennium : How to Create the Future You Want With a Little Help from the Cosmos / by Laurie A. Baum

In the first book to take a look at the planetary movements and the new century, astrologist Laurie Baum provides all that readers need to map a successful life for the next years and the beginning of the new century. Radio tour. Online chat rooms.

Astrology : What's Really in the Stars / by J. V. Stewart


In this meticulously researched work, Stewart traces the development of astrology from the nomads who settled in lower Mesopotamia to Ptolemy in Hellenistic Egypt, upon whose Tetrabiblos, with surprisingly little modification, Western astrology is based. Getting as close as possible to the original source material, Stewart includes numerous translations of ancient texts as well as photographs and illustrations throughout. By providing pertinent historical information, he shows how errors and discrepancies in horoscopic astrology keep popping up. Astrology is enjoying a resurgence today, not only as a result of mystical and New Age fads that ebb and flow over the years, but also because of a superabundance of easily accessible astrological material that feeds the public's endless need to transcend the present and see into the future. Astrology: What's Really in the Stars will enable readers to discern whether there is any merit to these ancient beliefs.

Astrological Revelations / by John Willner


Singularly adept at gaining extraordinary insights into the mysteries of life through his clairvoyant gifts, Edgar Cayce's work continues to help millions of people find the answers they seek. Finally, his brilliant understanding of astrology is available to the public for the first time, revealing the undeniable connection between our universe and ourselves.

Astrology for Initiates : Astrological Secrets of the Western Mystery Tradition / by Papus, J. Lee Lehman (Translator)


The French physician Papus (Gerard Encausse, 1865-1916) was involved in many secret societies. Papus alone was in a unique position to synthesize these influences into his astrological and esoteric work. His mentors included Francois Charels Berlet, who was involved in the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor, as well as being the premier French astrologer of his day; and Thomas Burgoyne, the author of The Light of Egypt (explaining the principles and practices of the Hermetic Brotherhood). By borrowing from Burgoyne and the Continental astrological tradition, Papus produced a work that provides fresh insights to the English speaking astrological tradition. J. Lee Lehman's translation from the French maintains the integrity of the original work and is highlighted with explanatory notes and updated supplemental material. Astrology For Initiates is a valuable addition to any astrological studies reference shelf.

The Celtic Lunar Zodiac : How to Interpret Your Moon Sign / by Helena Paterson, Margaret Walty (Illustrator), Helen Paterson


This zodiac does not negate the significance of the solar zodiac, but complements it by providing a more rounded picture of the personality that can be obtained by sun sign reference alone. A professional astrologer for 15 years, Helen Paterson's research is a treasure trove of insights into mythology, herbal lore and Druidic mystery tradition. Color illustrations.

Retrograde Planets : Traversing the Inner Landscape (Contemporary Astrology) / by Erin Sullivan


It is safe to say that this is the first book on retrograde planets. The author hs penetrated the veil of myths, mystery, and false assumptions about the geocentric phenonemon of retrogression. In this watershed book she has carefully outlined the system of retrogression and applied it to both natal horoscopes and transiting cycles. Through her research and experience with client cases she has explored all possible cycles within cycles that retrograde planets perform and has interpreted those movements in a way which is immediately apparent and useful to both novice and professional astrologer alike. She draws on the physical relationship that planets have with the Sun as well as ancient references and texts, supplying both psychological and mundane interpretations to retrograde planets.

Karmic Astrology : Retrogrades and Reincarnation / by Martin Schulman


One of the most radical and unorthodox interpretations of retrograde planets yet published. Disregarding the traditional "good" or "bad" explanations, the author gives instead a system which explains the three vibrational moods in which these planets may be expressed. Each planet discussed thoroughly in all signs and all houses. There is also an explanation of the esoteric and karmic symbolism begun in his best selling; available also from this bookstore and described below.

Karmic Astrology : Joy and the Part of Fortune / by Martin Schulman


Drawing on Ancient astrological principles, the author, presents a complete and innovative discussion of one of the most used but most misunderstood elements of the birth chart, the Part of Fortune. Of all the Arabian parts, this one alone is used by all astrologers, but none has been able to explain the principles which govern its successful implementation. This book covers placement of the Part of Fortune in the twelve signs and houses, with example charts and delineations of famous people. Throughout, the laws of karma are related to this mysterious and vital point in the horoscope.

The Handbook of Celtic Astrology : The 13-Sign Lunar Zodiac of the Ancient Druids (Llewellyn's Celtic Wisdom) / by Helena Paterson, Carol Squires (Editor), Helen Paterson

Discover your lunar self through the wisdom of the ancient Druids. Solar-oriented astrology has dominated Western astrological thought for centuries, but lunar-based Celtic astrology provides the "Yin" principle that has been neglected in the West. Now Helena Paterson presents new concepts based on ancient Druid observations, lore and traditions that will redefine Western astrology.

Your Secret Self : Illuminating Mysteries of theTwelfth House / by Tracy Marks

The twelfth house in astrology is concerned with self-defeating patterns, escapism, and subconscious parts of the self as well as with inspiration, spirituality and compassion for self and others. In this wise, enriching book Ms. Marks guides the reader on a journey into these hidden regions with both psychological depth and practicality. She illuminates the process of personal transformation by showing how to reclaim disowned parts of oneself.

Planetary Aspects : From Conflict to Cooperation / by Tracy Marks


This comprehensive work focuses on the most challenging dynamics of the birth chart. Originally published as How to Handle your T-Square, it is recognized as a classic of modern astrology, and was the most highly rated book in the Astrology's Book Club's nationwide survey. The author presents powerful techniques for understanding and resolving the conflicts shown by the square and opposition aspects emphasizing the potential for growth and achievement symbolized by the sign polarities and the planetary "dialogues" involved in stressful aspects.


The Inner Sky : The Dynamic New Astrology forEveryone : The Stars Are Only the BeginningHere Is Your Guide to the Universe of Potential Within Us / by Steven Forrest

This author stresses the positives and options in astrology. He says "a birthchart is a rich, living statement, full of insights, guidelines and warnings. It describes not a static fate but a flowing life pattern, full of options and risks." This book is a blueprint for using astrology to uncover your "inner sky"--the endless universe of potential within you. You can learn to make the most of you opportunities and face your challenges creatively--for a brighter, more fulfilling future.

The Astrological Houses : The Spectrum of Individual Experience / by Dane Rudhyar


One of the only books devoted to the deeper meaning of the twelve houses in astrology. Rudhyar explains their meaning as "fields of experience."

An Astrological Mandala : The Cycle of Transformations and Its 360 Symbolic Phases / by Dane Rudhyar


This book is about the Sabian symbols developed three decades ago by Marc Edmund Jones created. The author has taken these symbols and reinterpreted them to emphasize their character as a cyclick and structured series which formalizes and reveals the archetypal meaning of 360 basic phases of human experience. Rudhyar also demonstrates how the Sabian symbols can be used for divination. They provide clues to the best way to face anxieties, or suggest what alternative courses of action might mean in one's life. They have been referred to as a contemporary American I Ching.

Karmic Astrology : The Moon's Nodes and Reincarnation / by Martin Schulman


After introductory chapters on reincarnation and karma and the astrology of reincarnation, this book, gives a complete delineation of the nodes by sign and house position; a chapter on aspects to the nodes; sample delineations; and an appendix giving nodal positions from 1850 to 2000 C.E.

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