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What is a career or professional chart?

One of the most common questions asked of astrologer's surround work and career choices. As we grow into adulthood we are likely to change jobs from temporary jobs e.g. while in college; to chosen career paths as we seriously establish our qualifications and focus on challenges we like.

In our changing job market place of the 21st century some jobs may cease to exist just as the door to door dairy product delivery service ended in most urban centers by the late 1950s. Magazine articles appeared in the 1990's which extrapolated so called "expert" lists of professions that will accelerate from then to the 1st quarter of this century and possibly beyond. To name a few: Information Science Technology, Library Science, and Media Specialist. Not to mention the fear of one's job being "out sourced" to a developing country is more and more possible as we the trend proves. Let it suffice that economic stressors at home and abroad will require retraining for many rather than a few. How can astrology help us there?

The natal chart set in motion gives us many potential areas we are likely to have as interests that can be developed. Our sun sign and rising sun can offer lists of professions that we may gravitate toward. Even if we don't try them out as jobs we still may hold to them as interests or hobbies. Many just choose to their jobs as chiefly money and benefits sources. During that time, they pursued their avocational interests. Some people have been lucky enough to find a career that expresses their avocational interests of the heart and thus found their soul's work to sustain their living.

Knowing the modes of expression inherent in our birth chart can provide a palette to paint a lifetime career pattern. As we know our strengths, we also know our values. This knowledge benefits our current employers as well as ourselves in looking toward the future. As an astrologer we have the knowledge and expertise to review and and evaluate the potential energy represented in natal chart, the progressed chart as well as the solar return chart and just how the transits are affecting that energy as they come in contact. Progressed and transit information from the future will provide junctions where you may see what options are forming and come to an educated decision for your choices or action

We can welcome the new, as a clean and fresh start.The experience of working with your chart is a way to make educated choices and add clarity to your life. Our task at Indigo Ray is to combine all the pertinent factors affecting career decisions in the natal chart.


Accuracy of birth data information is essential as four minutes can make a difference.

In person for CURRENT CLIENTS*: 90 minute session with tape $175.00

Phone consultation for CURRENT CLIENTS: add on $10.00 for shipping and handling


In person for new clients: 90 minute session with tape $220.00

Phone consultation for new clients: add on $10.00 for shipping and handling

*natal chart on file date of session is not over a year old
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