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About Professional Consultations: FAQ

    Jacquelyn Archer, born April 23, 1952 3:03 AM, Madison, Wisconsin, has been an international professional fulltime astrologer since the internet’s existence. She teaches, consults and abides by Free Will Western Astrology. The philosophy is simple “the stars incline not compel”. She is a self-taught Astrologer for nearly 35 years. Her professional practice has been for 20 years.

     Jacquelyn’s career in Astrology began young. Her study of the subject was ignited first through an innate interest in Astronomy around the age of seven. At a Woolworth’s she discovered this ancient art through a scroll in a gumball machine. Much of her teenage years were spent studying whatever books she could find and building her skills with the assistance of friends and families.

     In her early 20s she began building a clientele in consultations. She continued studying and taking correspondence courses and count among her list indirect influence of teachers: Astrologers Robert Hand, Robert Blaschke, the late Marion March and Joan McEvers (Aquarian Workshop), Tracy Marks, Stephen Arroyo and Alan Leo, C.E.O. Carter, Alice Bailey and mentor Casey Isabelle.

     She is a member of the following professional organizations: International Society of Astrological Research (ISAR)and the National Council of GeoCosmic Research (NCGR). She abides by the Code of Ethics of both organizations.

     In 1992, she suspended her part time practice to journey through her own inner landscape and learn the new ways to view the upcoming millennium. After the eight years of inner work, she returned to her practice renewed, revived and with the vision of the transformative and healing powers of personal astrological influences. The courses she offers reflect this knowledge of inner awareness enlightened through a different angle of view on Astrology.

     With the help of her partner, January of 2001 saw Indigo Ray Astrology Inquiry open for business on the Internet. Since then she has been an international consulting Astrologer for over 1000+ people in the recent years.

What is a Consultation?

  Without stating the obvious, when you are speaking with or sitting with an astrologer, you have the advantage of a dialogue for clarity and comprehension. This does not exist in a written consultation or a software generated report. Additionally, the astrologer has the advantage of working with the intuitive more as the energy is in the present and the presence.

     During the 90 minutes, the objective is to communicate an understanding of your personal astrology in comprehensible everyday language. Whether in person or on the phone, the consultation is taped. All documented graphic charts used in analysis are included. This for all but $1.00 a minute.

How does the Pricing and Payment work?

Payment is due in advance of the work and delivery. Because this is a service and is unique to the individual, it is non-refundable.

      All orders are confirmed for accurate data through email. We will not begin work until we have confirmation that the data you provided is correct. We are human, so if for some reason, after confirmation, we make a mistake on the personal data, we will reschedule the consultation for no additional charge.


And what about delivery time?

    By reading one of the consultation categories this tells you the delivery time and delivery types available for your interested work. The descriptions all include that.

How do I know what KIND of Astrology I need?

     The types of astrological counseling we practice are listed in the side bar.  Please click on them to learn more.  We do refer out for astrology needs such as financial and medical astrology, so please give us a call on that as well.

We would like you to call us toll free to assure your order (1-608-467-6866) is the right type you are looking for if you are in doubt. Please be sure to leave a message with your name and telephone number and a good time when to call you INCLUDING time zone you are in.

I have already had my natal chart done by you folks and now would like a different type of Astrology done, is there any rewards for return business?

     You are considered a CURRENT CLIENT for one year after your initial consultation of the Natal Chart. Unless otherwise notated in description of the service you would like, all return business receives an automatic 10% off the next consultation.

I would like to refer others to you, do I get anything in return for the referral?

     Yes, you do. On the order form there is a REFERRAL BOX, please instruct your friends to type in your FULL name in that box. We give a free chart consultation for everything except Synastry and Relationship Charts after FIVE paid referrals.