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What is an Electional chart?

First let's just get one misconception out of the way, Electional horoscopes have nothing to do with politics or election results...that would be in line more with the practice of Mundane Astrology.

We use an electional chart to determine the timing of an event as that event is being born into the NOW. This is the broadest definition of the Electional chart. Electional astrology works within the the consciousness of the individuals using it. The basic principles of natural law or common sense always comes first in free will and choice.

The criteria for the kind of event that can be planned through this type of Astrology is any event that is important to you, and that has a definite starting moment that can be planned in this way. Popular requests include wedding dates, new business launches, house moves and important journeys.

The ethical comittment IRAI subscribes will not perform electional charts for the following events:

1. We are unable to work with questions that you are not personally involved in. So we would not, for example, analyze a chart for the question "What should be the best date for my brother's wedding?" The best way to handle this such question is to have your brother commission the work from us directly.

2. The field of Financial astrology is often confused with electional astrology. IRAI does not have any Financial Astrologers on staff at this moment. The best we could do is refer the astrology work to a qualified astrologer.

3. We are able to analyze the chart from the general health perspective, but if you ask us a medical question it must be clearly understood that we are not medical professionals. It is in your best interest to confer with health professionals. Surgical times such as Caesarian births are not charts we will do.


All electional work is done by either in person or phone consultation. It is an hourly rate of $60.00 non-prorated and usually does have a two hour time period for the simpliest findings.

Please contact us by phone to have an estimate of the work. The toll free number is 1-888-533-8101. Make sure you leave your name and phone number and a good time to call you back so we can get you a written estimate. Payment in full of the estimate price is due in advance of the work being done and is non-refundable.

To Order call 1-888-533-8101