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Astrology directions in a horoscope flat wheel chart are different from terrestrial directions.The view of the CELESTIAL (Fig. 1) directions are opposite from the TERRESTRIAL (Fig. 2). East is West, North is South.

FIGURE 2: Directional illustration is of the TERRESTRIAL elements.

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TABLE 1: Elements Signs / Natural House Qualities Triplicity

Natural Houses Quality

Diagram of the Elements signs in the Houses of the
Natural Wheel

The Zodiac Signs

Fire Signs/
Houses of Life

House 1

House 5

Earth Signs/
Houses of Substance

House 2

House 6

Air Signs/
Houses of Relationship

House 3

House 7

Water Signs/
Houses of Endings

House 4

House 8


The elements represent four groups of qualities and houses of three groups Zodiac signs known as triplicity. The element modifies the temperament of that Zodiac Sign as an adjective modifies a noun. The many characteristics of the element make the foundation of keywords for any astrological sign. The amount of planets, in a person's natal chart, in one ELEMENT of signs has a direct impact on how that person reacts to events, people and places in their life time.

As an example: Jacquelyn is a Taurus Sun Sign. That all by itself would make her more of a practical and down to earth sort of person. Those close to her cock their head in disbelief of Astrology because Jacquelyn is spontaneous and impulsive about life. This would be a good read of Jacquelyn's ELEMENTAL make up of her Natal Chart. She has only ONE planet in the Earth Element and SIX in Fire, and the rest are balanced between Air and Water.

Calculating the total number of planets in each element is only one of many ways to view the interpretation of a natal chart. These introductory lessons will only briefly discuss the way to interpret a natal chart. The focus is to learn the keywords associated with the makeup of the wheel chart and to have a reading knowledge of the language of Astrology. Interpretation or delineation of a chart will come in more advanced lessons.

The FIRE TRIPLICITY: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius

Natal charts with planets in FIRE SIGNS may see the individual reacting to circumstances and events immediately and then explaining and reviewing the action after the fact. This trio of astrological signs are QUICK to act. Impulsive as well as daring, the down side to their action may be disregard or neglect of details. The positive result of Fire Sign reaction, we need people who have FIRE signs predominant in their chart to perform the important tasks of paramedics, emergency room personnel and military leadership, just to name a few occupations. The Fire signs are the PHYSICAL signs. They have a great deal of physical energy that is channeled through most often sports, dance, exercise and sex.

The AIR TRIPLICITY: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius

The "head" signs of the Zodiac. Their first reaction to events, people and places is INTELLECTUAL. Their initial reaction would be to ferret out all the necessary information to reach a balanced decision on matters and actions to take. The negative side to this the overanalyzing may cause unnecessary complication rather than accepting the simple solution or evidence. Example occupations that people find themselves in who have a predominance of planets in AIR are: politicians, judges, and teachers.

The EARTH TRIPLICITY: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

Grounded in practicality is the phrase that best describes this triplicity reaction to life's dramas. They assess all sides of an issue to determine what could be personally gained by the action being considered. Although their reaction may be considered MATERIAL, this trio is invaluable in assessing the value in people as well as things. The down side to the influences of the Earth elemental is the time it takes for these people to react—slow. Ferdinand just has to smell the flowers first. Where this reaction is particular useful is in financial affairs, real estate and appraisal. This triplicity spells patience unlike the Fire trio that spells impatience.

The WATER TRIPLICITY: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces

This trio are the "heart" signs of the Zodiac. Their reaction to circumstances are largely EMOTIONAL. Feelings dominate their decisions and their actions. Intuition is the strongest in these signs. Without Water Signs in this world we wouldn't have the ability to go with our "gut" feeling and be surprised to find out it was right. The down side is the other side of the INTUITIVE sword where hunches may just be fantasy and not reality. They often act on their hunches before fact finding. This can cause loss without the necessary attention to the intellectual and practical sides. The positive of this trio, they are truthful and loyal friends. It's this triplicity you want dominating in a natal chart for your Director of your Child Care Center, Health Care provider or Therapist. Nurturance is innate with natal charts that have many planets in the WATER element.

ASSIGNMENT: How many planets do you have in each element? Which houses have the planets? Does the interpretation of the elements ring true with your self knowledge?

IF you don't have a Natal Wheel Chart to analyze, click here to receive a free .jpg of your chart by email. For this assignment, the birth time is not as important to evaluate the elements of the planets, however, the HOUSES will be wrong if a sunrise or NOON chart is used.

Feel free to email any questions you may have to us. We will be more than happy to assist you in Understanding Astrology.

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