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 What is Esoteric Astrology?

The word "esoteric" means simply that which is hidden and known to an initiated few. Esoteric is the antonym of exoteric. Traditional astrology is viewed as exoteric and based on interpretation of the personality where esoteric astrology is "soul-centered" in interprets the soul's direction.

Esoteric Astrology (inner, subjective)
Helps show how soul contact can be achieved and creatively channelled, to harmonize the Rays of the soul and personality.
In a reading we look at:
• Esoteric planetary rulers, Science of the Three Crosses, Rising sign.
• Causes, the Soul, inclusivity, inner realization, love, the higher chakras, individual destiny within the greater community or group, the intangible, abstract, intuition, feminine.
• fusion of knowledge and intuition and the integration of mind and heart.
• examine the purpose of the higher self as it interacts with its soul group.
• Emphasis is on the UNITY and inter-connectedness of all life.
• Rising Sign is the focus of the reading. This angle of the chart is determined by the exact time of birth (first breath), and represents the incarnation of the soul.

Compared with:
Personality Astrology ("exoteric" - outer, external)
Important for helping achieve an integrated and unified personality.

Readings usually from this perspective:
• Exoteric planetary rulers, houses, Sun sign.
• Examines effects, events, physical manifestation, personality, parts, desire, lower chakras, the particular, the separate self, exclusivity, individual "fate", the tangible, concrete, rational, masculine.
• Just as the Sun is the centre for the planets in the solar system, in a horoscope it is the integrating personality expression.
The Sun is the personality channel for the Rising sign.
• When a certain amount of personality integration has been achieved, then the soul can express itself far more easily through its "instrument".
• The Sun's placement in a chart is dependant upon the particular Rising Sign.
• In the symbolism of the Rising Sign lies a clue to the life problem and life achievement. With the esoteric planets ruling, the Rising Sign conveys one's destiny.
• The Rising Sign will express personality characteristics; there is generally far more behind the mask which is capable of expression, although it is never fully accessed; the point of least resistance is the Sun sign.

It is an ancient art firmly grounded in the Ancient Wisdom. Noted modern Esoteric Astrologers who have contributed to the development of modern Esoteric Astrology are: Alan Leo, H.P. Blavatsky, Alice Bailey and Dane Rudhyar.

Is an Esoteric Astrology Reading right for you?

There are some who are better suited to have a reading done with the exoteric astrology. For example, if you are looking for information on who your soul-mate is and when they will come into your life or whether or not you will find romance in the next year, we would invite you to consider the Natal reading with transits and progressions.

Of all the types fo readings offered by IRAI this one, before contracting and payments, requires a discussion with you to determine if this is the right reading for you. Please call and leave a message with your phone number of your interest in the Esoteric reading: 1-888-533-8101.

Consider an esoteric reading if:
• You are trying to determine your soul's purpose in this incarnation.
• You want to know what area of your life your soul should be focused e.g. relationship, career, etc.
• You desire to know where you are on your soul's path.
• You are already aware of your spiritual nature and want answers to questions about focus and direction.


This is only IN PERSON or by PHONE.

The price involves three and half hours of consultation.

1)there is the intake conversation to determine if this is the right reading for you
2) unique meditation is given after this intake interview for your personal use while the chart is being prepared
3)Chart is erected and delineated during the appropriate times
4)first consultation of 1 hour is taped for either in person or phone
5)one month later a follow up consultation is held of 1 hour with another meditation delivered
6)lastly, a final consultation is held six months after the initial one.

Because of the deep level of understanding we both travel during this process, and the level of expertise that this reading requires the price for this total package is as follows:

NEW CUSTOMER: In person: $300.00

CURRENT CLIENT*: In person: $270.00

Current client* is defined as a client who has had a natal consultation in the last year.