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The Chart Wheel of Houses

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 The twelve signs of the zodiac show the positions along the orbital path where the planets can be found on any date. These planetary positions don't change very much during a single day.

        However, the earth's rotation brings a new rising sign into play about every two hours. Remember the zodiac is fixed in space, it just seems to move across the sky because of the earth's rotation each day. This is why the time of birth is critical in a natal chart. It is the ascendant or rising sign that determines the remaining houses.

         The houses represent the different departments or "sets" of life in which your planetary energies find their expressions. For example, your character and personality that are set up by your planets in the different signs, will be directed by either personal or public matters, depending on whether they fall into the houses of the Northern Hemisphere (House numbers 1-6) or Southern Hemisphere (House numbers 7-12).  Additionally, you will be self-sufficient if they fall into the eastern houses (House numbers going COUNTER CLOCKWISE around the wheel: 10th through 3rd) or lean toward needing interaction with others on a daily basis if they fall into the western houses (House numbers going COUNTER CLOCKWISE around the wheel 4th through 9th).

         Each house represents a cluster of interests and activities just as each sign represents a cluster of traits or characteristics. The spheres of interest of each house are as follows again not all inclusive:


Self, appearance, your outward looks.


Earnings, possessions, the money you earn


Communications, short distance travel, siblings, public and earlier education


Home, house of the Mother, Real estate house


Pleasures, children,creativity,the love you give


Your physical health, and your service, where you earn your money


Spouse, partnerships, legal dealings and judgements, divorce


Death, regeneration,sex,taxes, other people's money


Philosophy,long distance travel, higher education, religion


Career, status,how you earn your money, House of the Father


Friends, aspirations,the love you receive and large institutions,community


Secrets, limitations, hidden enemies,the Void, subconscious desires

                The distribution of your houses into different groupings of hemispheres and groupings of elements and positions determine the over-all focus of your activities. If most of your planets fall into one of the hemispheres the significance may be interpreted as follows:

Northern:  A focus on private matters.

Southern:  A focus on private activities.

Eastern:    Activities are self-started and individual oriented

Western:   Activities are more committee and partner oriented

            Another useful grouping of houses corresponds with the grouping of houses into the four elements. The houses can be grouped into fire, earth, water and air houses. The significance is as follows:  

Individual or Life FIRE SIGNSFire Houses    Life Identity
First, Fifth, Ninth

              Activities focus on achieving life's aspirations.

Temporal or SubstanceEARTH SIGNSEarth Houses  Material Wealth 
Second, Sixth, Tenth

              Activities focus on meeting material needs.

Relative or RelationshipAIR SIGNSAir Houses Relationships
Third, Seventh, Eleventh

              Activities focus on social contact and mind-sharing.

Terminal or EndingsWATER SIGNSWater Houses  Emotional 
Fourth, Eighth, Twelfth

Activities focus on achieving emotional tranquillity.  

          Still another important grouping corresponds with the qualities of the signs, corresponding to the Cardinal, Fixed, or Mutable signs of the zodiac .These are also referred to as the quadruplicities of the Zodiac. The significance of a cluster of planets in a group of these houses is as follows:

Activities are self-starting for immediate effects.

Succedent (Fixed Houses): Controlling
Second, Fifth, Eighth, Eleventh

 Activities are aimed at managing and controlling things.

Cadent (Mutable Houses):  Changing
Third, Sixth, Ninth, Twelfth

Skills are acquired to improve relationships.

Assignment: Look at your own natal chart (go here to order a free wheel chart to be emailed to you) and determine where your planets lie. Do they lie predominantly in the EASTERN, WESTERN or NORTHERN, SOUTHERN hemisphere? Does one house have more than one planet? What is the significance? What are the empty houses? Does this have any innate significance? Determine the characteristics of your rising sign. How many planets do you have in FIXED, CARDINAL and MUTABLE signs?

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