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Between the Pillars January 2005 Vol.3  no.1

[This article contains more information than the newsletter]

Do you know what lunation phase the MOON was in at the time of your birth? Do you know what PROGRESSED lunation lifetime phase you are currently in?

Last month we talked about the VOID of COURSE of the Moon. This month, the topic is the LUNATION CYCLE or the eight phases of the Moon and what that means astrologically.


As important as the Ascendant (Rising sign) and the Sun Sign, your particular placement, sign or degree, of the Moon in the heavens at the time of birth is just as important. As always, we emphasize knowing those details in your personal natal chart. If you are not sure of this information, we encourage you to avail yourself of our FREE natal chart offer at our web site.

When you know what phase the nightly orb was in at your birth and the sign, this information helps you to work with the potential full lunar energy as your life unfolds.

In Astrology, we look at the moon as our emotional, our mental and our soul. The moon rules the zodiac sign of Cancer which represents home and nurturance and Mother. As all things in Nature, the moon goes through the monthly cycle of being born, growing to maturity and then transiting to the next birth cycle. Symbolically in astrology we see this also play out in an individual’s lifetime with the energy influences of the Moon.

We call this Secondary Progressed lunations.

The potential energetic influence begins with the phase the moon was in at your birth. We then symbolically have our Moon progress through each of the eight phases of cycle as our time on this earthly plane continues. We are influenced by one phase of the cycle for four years at a time and then we move onto the next. We hope to experience each of the eight phases at least two times in our lifetime. One lunation cycle takes 32 years.

NEW MOON CONJUNCT 0 - 44 Instinctual action,

Winter Solstice


CRESCENT SEMISQUARE 45 - 89 Instinctual action,
Ritual Renew


FIRST QUARTER SQUARE 90 - 134 Instinctual action,
crisis management,
Spring Equinox

GIBBOUS SESQUIQUADRATE 135 - 179 Instinctual action,

May Eve

FULL MOON OPPOSITION 180-224 Conscious action,

Summer Solstice

IT Industry or
Library Science


LAST QUARTER SQUARE 270-314 Conscious action,
inner work


BALSAMIC (DARK) SEMISQUARE 315 - 360 Conscious action,
The Bridge
Sage or Counselor

All Hallow's Eve


We begin with the New Moon: The Earth is blocking the light of the sun from moon. In astrological terms, the aspect is CONJUNCT because the Sun and Moon are right on top of each other. The effect of this phase is for zero to 45 degrees of the Sun to the Moon’s angle. People born under this aspect, karmically, may be in the first incarnation of the eight fold sequence. Characteristics of these individuals, they are: spontaneous, optimistic, mindful, and don't look back at the past. Their reaction to life would be more on the instinctual. To people observing them or interacting with NEW MOON folks, there is an opinion that these people are consumed by their own self-worth. This would be incorrect. Most of the time these people spend much of their time trying to figure out who they are in order to present themselves in a positive and sharing way to the world.

The CRESCENT: Here the Sun is catching a sliver of the moon. In astrological terms we call this aspect Semi-Square or between 45 degrees and 90 degrees.

We look at the seed that has been planted in the NEW MOON and see that it is growing just below the surface of the ground, working to pop its head out of the ground. This phase is as associated with energy of intense growth. The crescent person may have to deal with looking at past actions and learning from them. This is a time to review previous OLD structures and values in one’s life and begin developing a new structure of beliefs and values. Old ideas fall away, while new ideas begin percolating. Ritual and habitual behavior are actions that these folks partake in due to their need to feel secure and within their comfort zone. On the downside, these folks can fall victim (by unconscious choice) to not having the necessary support for personal growth. Home is exceptionally important to these folks and they may not be able to actually leave it, specifically when embroiled in emotions. However, leaving home and experiencing new people and settings is precisely what has to be done for the seed to pop up above the surface. These folks need to know when to “cease the day”.

FIRST QUARTER: Here the Moon is viewed in balance from the Earth. Half light, half dark. The astrological aspect is a SQUARE and is between 90 and 135 degrees. POP, the plant has now peeked through the surface with an abundance of energy. The goal of of those born in the first quarter is to learn to manage the energy that just was released. This energy need to be redirected and focused for the betterment of the individual. The characteristics of people born under this time of the moon, are competent in emergency situations, able to make decisions and then ACT on them, rebuilding the new out of the old is a talent. In a corporate setting these folks would make great company (pun intended). It would be these folks to first recommend without hesitation a restructuring of the corporation. They enjoy crisis management.

When we come to the GIBBOUS moon, we have the astrologically aspect of SESQUIQUADRATE and the degrees are between 135 and 180. Using the plant analogy, the plant is just before the bloom. An individual born under this phase, will be curious, inquisitive of their environment, observant, and intense. Superficiality is not something you find in a natal GIBBOUS person. They seek the essence of being and of life. Any of life’s mystery is a quest for this individual. Epiphanies and revelations are an everyday and welcomed occurance for these folks. Simply knowing the answer to a question is not enough. Explanation of the why and how that answer was derived would finally satisfy the Gibbous Natal moon person. Put a Gibbous Moon person in the role of intern or apprentice and they will excel as they will strive to learn all they can on the way to being the best at what they do.

Bella Luna: The Full Moon folks. This is the OPPOSITION of the Sun and the Moon in the sky allowing the FULL light of the Sun to reflect on the Moon. The astrological aspect is the OPPOSITION and the degrees are between 180 and 225. Ah the bloom has emerged. All the hard work of the previous three phases are culminated in the result of the bloom. The reaction of the full moon is seeking out the meaning or the purpose of life. Action that was instinctual now turns to deliberate. The world view is idealistic. Full moon people spend much of their energy on relationships. They understand innately, its not what you say, its how you say it. Wordsmithing is common amongst the list of talents for full moon people. Because of the idealism, the material world does not offer much to the Full moon folk, so they will often turn to the spiritual or ideal cause to express their soul’s desire. Emphasis needs to be placed on the soul’s desire rather than the physical desire for these people. They tend to get ensnared in the pursuit rather than the result. Conscious living and loving are keywords for the full moon person.

The Disseminating Moon is astrologically represented by the SESQUIQUADRATE again and is between 225 and 270 degrees.

In the first half the action was more intuitive and instinctual of the four phases now we move into the conscious way of action. This moon’s influence is expressed nicely by its adjective, that which came to completion in the Full moon is now ready for distribution. The flower is full bloom and enjoyed by all. New seeds are showering the ground. It follows nicely that the trait of the disseminating moon people is communication. These folks love to communicate what they believe and share it with a large audience. Occupations they may hold are teachers, philosophers, religious leaders and publishers. Depression sets in on these folks if they are deprived their ability to get their message across. They don’t expect people to all agree with them, they just ask people to listen to what they say. These folks have to believe in what they say and do else they go against their soul’s desire.

Last Quarter, astrological aspect is the SQUARE and th degrees are in between 270 and 315. For those born during this phase of the moon the word most often identified by this phase is re-orientation. Here the once beautiful bloom is in the process of transformation to the next stage of its existence. Now the bloom is the OLD. As in the first quarter, the review of conscious values is an activity this phase native does. These folks have a difficult time staying in the here and now. To the outside world, these folks appear to have created their own world. The truth is these folks go through an internal process of re-orientation. They are the epidome of the Sad Clown cliché. On the outside laughing and on the inside crying. Inner transformative work is crucial to their development. Once this work is complete a fully developed new person emerges. Those who knew them before the inner work, can no longer say they do because the change is that contrasting. These last quarter people need the time and space to find themselves. Pressuring them to do anything will cause them to rebel and be very uncooperative. It is crucial for the Last Quarter adults and children, to have their “quiet” time. They may need more rest than others as they process much of their own transformation through the dream state and meditative state.

The last phase is the BALSAMIC phase or the DARK MOON phase. Its astrological aspect is the SEMISQUARE and is represented in degrees between 315 to 360.

The keyword is adjustment. The plant now accepts its end of existence knowing it will go to a different form to assist another life. It is this phase that represents the bridge between that which was and that which will be. Those born during this time are finishing AN eight phase cycle of lifetimes. This lifetime without a doubt is a KARMIC one.

The relationships a balsamic moon person encounters will be all consuming albeit short term with those from their past life times. These relationships are in need of resolution before moving on to the next phase.

Balsamic people often are visionaries, seeing years in advance of their times. Because of this they may be recluse in childhood and adulthood. Because of their ability to identify the situation, understand it, then take it to the essence of being, they are able to help others to be aware of it as well. The Dark Moon people make excellent counselors.

Bottom line their mission is to communicate the essential wisdom and knowledge so it will germinate at the next Lunation cycle.


The Lunation Cycle: Dane Rudhyar

Astrologickal Magick: Estelle Daniels

Astrology: A language of Life V.1: Progressions: Robert Blaschke

Solar Fire Software

Owners's Balsamic birth moon in 22 degrees Aries, Last Quarter Secondary Progressed moon in 25 degrees Pisces.

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Want to know what phase the current moon is in?  Always go to INDIGO RAY ASTROLOGY INQUIRY's front page to view the graphic that gives you the current phase.

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