Moon in Sagittarius
Fire Sign

Those born with the Moon in the zodiac sign of Sagittarius will seek out physical experiences as an expression of their emotional feelings. Like the Centaur, they will rush in headlong to receive instant physical gratification over discussing feelings with a partner at any length. They are doers not talkers.

As lunar Fire sign personality that is sometimes interpreted by their partners as lack of love. The Sagittarius Moon sign native is most likely to forget the anniversary and birthdates. But will make up for the oversight with much physical and sensual pleasures.

Those born with Moon in Sagittarius are idealistic and romantic. Pursuing ideals and mental endeavors are often more important to them than amassing material wealth, however, they don't mind trying to keep up with the Jones if they can. Their risk-taking, adventurous spirit and magnanimous generosity are a curse as well as a blessing. Although it leaves them vulnerable to those who would exploit their generosity, it is also the combination of spirit and attitude needed for enormous success in enterprises that more cautious people would be afraid to try.

They are open and honest with a tendency to be too candid at times, especially in situations that require a more diplomatic approach. Impatience can be the biggest stumbling block to success. They are not reluctant to make long-term emotional commitments, but relationships or situations that do not encourage them to retain a certain amount of personal freedom are not likely to last long.

Sagittarius Moon personalities are emotionally adaptable to changing circumstances and different relationships. A duality of nature makes them appear fickle and emotionally insecure, while at the same time, steadfast and independent. Readily impressed by those with power and status, they seek to associate with such people to increase their own advancement, one of their main goals in life. Concerned with making an impression on others, they may be guilty of inflating their knowledge and importance.

Attracted to art, animals, archtitecture and design, many of them also have talent for mimicry and acting. Akin to Aries, Sagittarius moon natives find working with animals soothing to their emotional state.

Famous women with Sagittarius Moon: Anne Archer, Anne Bancroft, Geraldine Chaplin, Judy Garland, Barbara Hershey, Hedda Hopper, LInda Hunt, Glenda Jackson, Nicole Kidman, Yoko Ono, Sylvia Porter, Joan Rivers, Beverly Sills, Martha Stewart, Sally Struthers, Margaret Trudeau, Oprah Winfrey, and Reese Witherspoon.

Famous men with Sagittarius Moon: Steve Allen, Neil Armstrong, Alec Baldwin, Honere de Balzac, Ludwig Van Beethoven, Ray Bradbury, Giovanni Casanova, Harry Chapin, Gary Cooper, Danny DeVito, Charles Dickens, Albert Einstein, Gerald Ford, Richard Gere, Kahlil Gibran, Harry Houdini, Rock Hudson, Magic Johnson, Stephen King, Liberace, Henri Matisse, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Friedrich Nietzche, Carl Sagan, Vincent Van Gogh and Jesse Ventura.

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