Man may have walked on the moon, and referred to its more prominent features as "the man in the moon", but there is no denying the fact the influence and energy of this "planet" is indeed feminine.

Although gender specific Astrology has been in discussed, particularly in the late 20th century, the indisputable fact is that the moon for centuries has represented the “mother-archetype”. Erin Sullivan writes an extensive article on this topic that can be viewed at

For purposes of this article we will consider the moon feminine.

Upon initial examination of a chart, an astrologer will look at the positions and degrees of three components to best understand the native of the chart: The Sun Sign, the Ascendant or Rising Sign, and the Moon Sign. In general terms, the Sun is the physical, the Ascendant is the appearance of self to others, and the Moon is the emotional and the subconscious of the native.

The Moon is the treasure chest of our dreams and subconscious desires. The silver light of the night hands us a mirror and compels us to look deep within our inner self. The influence of the Moon extends to all aspects of our lives: how we feel about our relationships, how we feel about ourselves and how we emotionally react to situations.

The Earth’s satellite is the ruler of the astrological sign Cancer and fourth house of the Natural WheelClickable Reference Map. Representing home and our maternal influences of our own mother and mother within ourselves. Through our daily activities the energy of the Moon is present in our physical, emotional and mental environments. The Moon's energy is nurturing and much like our own mothers "nudging" at times. Intuition is an influence of the Moon's energy. One has only to think of the great tides of the waters of the world to understand the far-reaching powers of the Moon, and the ways this power touches each of our lives with change and fluctuation.

What zodiac sign the Moon was in at the time and place of your birth will lend its interpretation to the characteristics of the energy of your Moon Sign. Below you will find some brief yet common interpretations for the 12 Moon Signs.

Also considered in reading the influence of the Moon on the native is what is referred to as lunations and the Moon Nodes. These topics will be covered in another part of the web site in the future. Briefly, Lunations are the study of what phase the moon was in at the time of your birth. Moon Nodes are the astronomical calculation of when the Moon's orbit intersects with the Sun's orbit. The two intersecting points located opposite each other in the Zodiac are differentiated by ascending and descending or more commonly, North and South Nodes. If the Sun and the Moon are positioned at one of these nodes, there is a solar eclipse. In Karmic Astrology the Moon Nodes have a leading role.

Aries Moon SignAriesMoon Symbol Taurus Moon signTaurusMoon Glyph Gemini Moon SignGeminiMoon Glyph Cancer Moon signCancerMoon Symbol
Leo Moon SignLeoMoon Symbol Virgo Moon SignVirgoMoon Symbol Libra Moon SignLibraMoon Glyph Scorpio Moon SignScorpioMoon Glyph
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