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Explanation of Moon in Taurus

Unlike Aries, its predecessor in the zodiac wheel, emotional spontaneity is not something found in a Taurean Moon Sign. Commitment in relationships is pledged only after much thought, analyzing, and assurance of reciprocation. The key to Taurean emotional security is always to be on firm ground. Although the charging bull image is often lent to describe the temper of the Taurus astrological Sun Sign it isn't true. Taurus moons emotionally express themselves with calculating exactness rather than wild abandonment that the charging bull image conjures up.

Taurean Moon signs are quite sensual at all levels: physical, emotional, and intellectual. Creature comforts are critical for their survival. Next to Cancer, a Taurean’s home is their emotional center. As lunar fixed Earth sign personalities, Taureans require tangible proof of affection from those with whom they form relationships. Material comforts and the advantages of wealth are important to them, and they can become overly concerned with social status. At times the negative side of this is "nose in the air" thought or behavior that is an illusion.

You can't really call Taurus Moons homebodies. In fact, they tend to spend a lot of time and attention on social or economic pursuits outside of the home instead of routine household or family chores. You find the physical home playing a major part when the Taurus Moon uses it to entertain key people for social and economic goals.

Taurus Moon personalities do not want to be rushed or forced into commitments. However, once they do make an emotional commitment to an idea, project, or relationship, they are dogged in their pursuit. Tenacity is an accurate adjective for Taurean Moons. It is difficult for them to accept when things go wrong, and it may take the fixed sign moon even longer to make the necessary adjustments to rectify the situation.

People who break promises or fail to keep their word must be prepared to endure the consequences. Betrayal and breach of trust is not something ANY Taurean-influenced personality withstands. Taureans are slow to anger and slow to forgive. Taureans never forget. Some of them remember personal insults and disappointments for years, wasting precious time bearing grudges that should have been long forgotten.

Their calm and quiet temperament has a stabilizing influence on others, but it can also give them an aura of self-containment that makes them appear proud or unapproachable.

Famous Taurean Moon women: Ann-Margaret, Lisa Bonet, Rita Mae Brown, Carol Burnett, Rosalynn Carter, Connie Chung, Geena Davis, Frances Farmer, Imelda Marcos, Meryl Streep, Mother Teresa, Sigourney Weaver and Natalie Wood.

Famous Taurean Moon men: Ed Asner, Prince Charles, King Chulalonghorn, Bill Clinton, Michael J. Fox, James Hoffa, Carl Jung, Jerry Lewis, Bob Mackie, Karl Marx, Jim Morrison, Vincent Price, Ronald Reagan, Dennis Rodman, Peter Sellers, William Shatner and Mike Wallace.

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