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Moon in Virgo
Earth Sign

Emotionally spontaneous is not a phrase to describe a Virgoan Moon personality. Like their companion in the Earth signs, Taurus, there isn’t the headlong rushing into commitments, either. Virgoan Moons don’t overanalyze the relationship as much as they look at the value the relationship may have for themselves. They may hesitate to move at all unless they feel they are on solid ground, or there is some personal advantage to be gained by their emotional involvement.

As lunar Earth sign personalities, those with Moon in Virgo are guarded about their feelings. Virgoan Moons don’t much care for discussing openly their emotions as if reporting their portfolio. This is not an ego issue like their neighbor, Leo, as much as it is a ploy to intrigue others to get to know them more intimately. It isn’t easy loving a person with a Virgo Moon because they are over-critical in emotional expressions. Believe it or not, this Moon sign may actually be unrealistic at times about their own emotions. Their passion can sometimes be confused with compassion. An over-critical or too analytical approach to emotional situations makes it difficult for them (as well as the others involved) to freely or spontaneously express feelings. Serious-minded, with common sense about most things, they can be surprisingly unrealistic. As a result, they tend to gravitate to situations they know eel rather than explore and be adventuresome with their emotions. This leads Virgoan Moons too often repeating the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result each time and not getting it.

Virgo Moon personalities are emotionally adaptable. They instinctively seem to know what it takes to make others feel better. They make many friends because of their sympathetic nature, but it also means they are vulnerable to being exploited. Though they are not all scholars, they are likely to be fond of books and writing. Intellectual curiosity gives them a penchant for gathering information that can develop into serious research endeavors, or turn out to be just a fondness for gossip. At times they can be overly fastidious, usually with regard to eating habits. Concern with health makes many of them outstanding health care professionals. Their own preoccupation with health can become exaggerated to the point of hypochondria, or they can be guilty of using maladies to attract sympathy. They are mentally and emotionally stimulated by travel, communication, and information.

Famous Women with Virgoan Moon: Kirstie Alley, Princess Anne, Candice Bergen, Nadia Boulanger, Eva Braun, Fanny Brice, Maria Callas, Patty Duke, Queen Elizabeth I, Jodie Foster, Emmylou Harris, Anne Heche, Anjelica Huston, Queen Juliana, Gina Lollabrigida, Traci Lords, Shirley MacLaine, Madonna, Mary Pickford, Vanessa Redgrave, Gertrude Stein, Barbara Stanwyck, Sharon Tate, and Gloria Vanderbilt

Famous Men with Virgoan Moon: Alexander Bell, Lenny Bruce, Jean Cocteau, Dalai-Lama, Sammy Davis Jr., Marquis de Sade, Donavon, Robert Duvall, William Faulkner, Peter Fonda, Paul Gauguin, Marvin Gaye, Ron Goldman, Dustin Hoffman, Peter Jennings, Robert Kastenmeier, John F. Kennedy, Joseph Kennedy, Sr., Nikita Khrushchev, B.B. King, Jay Leno, Robert McNamara, Sal Mineo, Jack Nicholson, Sir Laurence Olivier, Robert Redford, Anwar Sadat, Leo Tolstoy, Jonathon Winters, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Frank Zappa

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