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What is a Natal Chart?

hen your soul came to occupy this physical plane, at that particular time and place of birth, the celestial bodies were in a unique position and angle to the place of you birth.

The Natal Chart (also known as the Birth Chart) is made up of all the Planets, the Sun, the Moon and the Ascendant. The mathematical placements of these components are recorded on the Wheel of 12 Houses. The Rising Sign is the constellation that was on the Eastern horizon at the time of your birth and determines the beginning of the first house. From that point forward the remaining 11 houses are placed in order of their zodiac signs counter clockwise on the wheel. If your Rising Sign is Pisces then traveling around the wheel in order, your final twelfth house would be the sign of Aquarius.

Each component has a relationship to the other heavenly bodies in your specific chart. This relationship is measured in angles and are termed ASPECTS. Symbols are used to denote the relationship. This is how the one component influences the other component. An example of this is in Harriet's Natal Chart her Sun is conjunct her Moon. Which means they almost appear in line and on top of each other when viewed from the Earth. To view an animation of this concept and others, click here.

All astrology begins with the Natal Chart. One must cast that first before doing transit charts, progressed suns or moons, career and relationship charts.

Yes, you can get Natal Charts on all the Astrology sites and some for free. What we offer is the specialization of the astrologer's interpretation of your chart and the presentation of that chart. The computer plays a role in the casting, but the astrologer is the director of that production. This is the difference.

Our consultations entail original preparation, delineation and documentation of your Natal Chart.

Once the Natal chart has been prepared for you, as a client appreciation gift, we offer a 10% discount on other original charts offered. You are considered a CURRENT client for up to one year from the original order. This does not apply to INTERPRETATIVE REPORTS.

Indigo Ray Astrology Inquiry is not held responsible for recording the consultation. It is recommended the client does the recording to assure archival record.



Phone Consultation/SKYPE/FACETIME: $150.00

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First appointment requires payment in full to book the appointment. There are no refunds for this service. CANCELLATIONS 48 HOURS IN ADVANCE WILL BE RESCHEDULED BUT NO REFUNDS! You can pay with all major credit cards or an echeck through Paypal. Paypal also offers 6 month financing with 0 percent interest.