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John Lennon's and Yoko Ono's Composite Interpretative Report Sample
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[The main difference between this and the relationship derived chart is how it is calculated to arrive at the composite chart. This is a simple midpoint calculation between John's planet and Yoko's planet. For example, the midpoint for John's and Yoko's Sun Sign is SAGITTARIUS--the midpoint for a Libra Natal sun (John) and an Aquarius Natal Sun (Yoko).]


The composite Sun, like the Sun in a natal chart, is the heart of the relationship and its primary drive and focus. The sign in which it falls will color the entire relationship, as many of the important events in the relationship will occur when transiting bodies are in this sign. If it is strong in its house position and supported by good aspects from other bodies, the relationship will have a solid center and will tend to sustain itself despite the buffets of adversity. If it is poorly aspected or in a difficult house position, the relationship will be easily damaged and difficult to repair as the natural cyclical transits will tend to reinforce negative qualities of the relationship rather than positive. The Sun’s primary quality is restorative drive, the general impetus toward life and its sustenance, rather than any specific traits or areas of endeavor such as are represented by the planets. Therefore its placement will tell the overall thrust and style of the relationship and how well it bears up under fire, rather than give the details of just how it will do so. A badly placed Sun can mean a relationship that is almost certain to fail, because wounds to the partnership won’t heal themselves. A very well-placed Sun can mean a relationship that sustains and resuscitates itself so well that it may even be difficult to get out of should either partner choose to do so (as might be the case if the planetary aspects were very difficult or if the two natal charts themselves were in great conflict). It is the driving engine of the relationship and everything else orbits around it and derives life from its energy.


This position will flavor your relationship with a wide-ranging ability to see all sides of all issues and the world may be your playground, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Whenever you have finished exploring one facet of what you have together, the inclination will be not to stop there, but to leap on to another and yet another world to enter and explore. Barring any severe afflictions, this has the effect of picking out the good, amusing, and interesting and having a merry time with it and moving on before any potential trouble surfaces. This makes the relationship an uplifting resource and haven for both of you, particularly when either of you may be feeling a bit depressed. On the other hand, it will mean a tendency to gloss over differences that may surface later and cause complications, so it might be good for you each individually to chase after the bits and pieces you leave behind together as a unit and make sure that there is nothing troublesome. Because you emphasize the positive side of things, you can be a great help to others who tend to become preoccupied with the mundane.

The Composite Moon

The symbolism of the composite Moon in a relationship is that of reflection; not in the sense of intellectual deliberation or thoughtful rumination but much more literally, reflective like a mirror. Whereas the Sun represents the primal, outgoing energy in the relationship, the Moon shows how the relationship reacts to situations once they have been presented to it. When someone approaches you with an idea, do you react to it, criticize it, laugh at it or with it? Steal it? Ignore it? Expand upon it? Extending this logic, it, of course means how you feel about a situation, the process and style in which your emotions are stirred. The things to which you react include each other, so the position of the composite Moon will be critical to the emotional well-being and functionality of the relationship, independent of your individual natures. Thus, a well-placed and well-supported composite Moon can lend clarity and cooperation to the most confused and befuddled people who might never expect to get along; whereas an afflicted composite Moon can throw dissension and conflict into the lives of the most well-adjusted and easy-going persons who normally get along with everybody. This is, of course, because this reflective, emotional effect is largely subconscious, and because it does not emanate from either of you in the usual way, you are unfamiliar with its style and rhythms. This accounts for a lot of the 'magic' - both good and bad - that is associated with relationships. On the positive side, it can mean a relationship that seems to heal one or both of you and just makes everything go right that didn’t before. This is a marvelous feeling but one that can lead to a mistaken dependency on your partner as the source of the improvement when it is actually the relationship itself that should get the credit. On the opposite side it can lead to mutual blame for making things worse when the fault lies with neither of you but in the structure of the situation itself. The great advantage of having the details of the composite chart available to you is that you can better differentiate the strengths and weaknesses of the situation from those which may lie within yourselves. The former you will have to work around on the exterior, the latter you will have to work from within. In tandem with the Sun, the Moon and its position will make or break most relationships. If the Sun and Moon are well-placed and well- aspected, the relationship is anything from a good bet to a sure thing, regardless of the other positions and problems that need to be worked out. If the Sun and Moon are badly positioned or afflicted, it will be an uphill fight all the way, and one that either or both of you may choose to set aside unless you feel compelled to spend a great deal of time, energy, and emotion rising to the challenge. Life is about choices, and here especially the composite chart can help supply the data you need to aid you in your selection.


You have a great potential to reduce emotional response to its essence and waste no time on feelings extraneous to what the situation merits. This will lend great clarity to your relationship and considerable intensity as it concentrates emotions that might have been unclear or spread about too thinly. It also has an austere side that can leave you wondering if there isn’t something more, until you realize that there was and you decided that what you have is what you wanted. Of course, you can go overboard with this, needlessly calcifying and perpetuating feelings that have had their day and are no longer appropriate, so take care to keep checking to see if there is more you would like to add to your palette now and again. This can be an excellent business relationship, as it inclines to a no-nonsense approach which cleans out deadweight and maximizes what is essential to achieve your greatest potential. It also allows you to make the most of lean times and can be greatly heightening in a spiritual sense as you cleave to the pure core of the matter and abjure the distractions that would otherwise obscure or detract from accomplishment of your final goals. Distractions are sometimes necessary, so take time out and spend some time in fun and frolic alone, as too tight a focus can be wearing and can actually sap your energy and drain you of the long-term stamina that would be your hallmark.


Mercury in the composite chart represents the mutual meeting of minds, or lack of it, between you. It also represents your ability to communicate to others as a couple or as individuals. In the first instance, in which the position symbolizes the shore between two intellects, it will be important to know what kind of communication goes on: by style, substance, and action (sign, house, and aspect). A well-placed Mercury will mean that you can put clearly into words what you mean to say to each other, and such a position can be of great help in alleviating emotional problems that may not easily come to the surface. If you can both say how you feel, you’ve gone a long way towards being able to change. On the other hand, a badly placed Mercury can have the opposite effect, stirring up emotional problems where there were none by simply getting communications wires crossed. In a professional relationship this can mean all sorts of pointless starts and stops because of faulty information, particularly in an increasingly information-oriented society. The position of Mercury therefore becomes increasingly critical in relationships in general. Its placement also describes how you communicate as a duo with the public at large, so herein lies further opportunities for good or ill. Well-placed, it will mean that you may be able to get yourself across to the world at large through the relationship rather than on your own. Where there are difficulties here, it may be better to speak your own piece and not let the relationship represent you. Nevertheless, knowing the situation in advance can help enormously, as you won’t have to learn the communications value of the relationship by trial and error or blame each other for problems that arise from what is essentially a third party with its own horoscope, the relationship itself. Rather, you can take advantage of the best that it offers and avoid what looks like trouble by one or both of you pulling back on your own to handle problems the relationship does not cope with well.


A very concise and no-frills style of communication will characterize this relationship, even though one or both of you might be quite voluble individually. Ideas seem to congeal and simplify down to basics when you get together. If brevity is the soul of wit, you’ve got it. Making things shorter and sweeter when you’re trying to get things across will also add power and forcefulness, as a few chosen words are usually more powerful than a outpouring of verbiage, however sincere. It may also cause you to be misunderstood as if someone else doesn’t catch onto what you are saying; you’re more inclined to repeat yourself rather than rephrase in a manner more suitable to your audience’s level of communication. Here, one or both of you stepping out of the relationship and restating it differently can easily solve the problem. Just be aware that it may be necessary and keep an eye out for it. The ability to distill ideas into a few clear phrases is a rarity, however, so value it and hone it down to its finest edge. Once an idea is established for too long a time, it may get rusty therefore, make sure you go back and revise your opinions as time and change dictate. Nothing is permanent, only the moment, so take careful account of it. . .


The planet Venus represents desire, attraction, what you physically and emotionally desire and as a composite position describes where your desires meet and either blend or conflict, or a bit of both. This is too often applied to love interests alone, although it covers them as well. It means everything you desire - money, position, beautiful things, property, friends, lovers, anything that you want and believe if you get it, will make you happy. It also has another side which is your ability to appear to provide just such fulfillment for others, thus symbolizing personal charm, beauty, attractiveness, wealth, and so on. It’s the two-way wish fulfillment point where dreams are born. When this is viewed between two people as a composite point, it means how and whether you make each other’s dreams, on a very basic level, come true. If badly placed, it can mean continual desire and constant disappointment. If strong by position, it will be a buttress to the relationship, as you know you will always get what you want when you come back to it. It is, of course, critical in telling how a sexual relationship will unfold and can spell repeated ecstasy or constant frustration, especially taken in tandem with composite Mars. It also represents how well the relationship as a whole will be able to realize its goals and desires, which will of course be directly connected with its ability to make itself desirable, both of which are described by this composite point. Thus, an afflicted composite Venus is a double indemnity, because it usually prevents either of you from getting what you want out of each other, and it means the relationship will not get what it wants, either. Conversely, a well-aspected composite Venus is like a gift from above, as it means mutual success and satisfaction all around. In judging the overall success of a relationship, this is indeed a very important position.


"Wellsprings of desire" might be a good catch-phrase to describe this relationship: when you want it, you want it bad and will go to great lengths to get it. This will apply to money, love, sex, position, reputation, or just vindication of something you have said or stood for. This can make you formidable suitors or foes, both as far as the outside world is concerned and in relationships with each other. On the outside, this will be an advantage, but it can work against you if you are too insistent on achieving goals or desires that one or the other may not particularly want. Intensity and unbending relentlessness might permanently damage one or the other of you or the relationship. You will gain the reputation, as time goes by, of a pair that means what they say and gets what they want, a characterization that will only enhance your standing and respect among others. Faith and trust among your friends, fear and respect among your foes, will be an earmark of this relationship. Where these qualities typify the relation between the two of you, let them manifest as loyalty to each other and determination to make things work out mutually, rather than as a drive to impose the will of one of you upon the other.


Mars represents physical and emotional energy, and as such the ability and inclination to get things done, to fulfill desire by taking action. By itself it is really just raw energy, and its placement, particularly in relation to the other bodies in the chart, describes where and how well this energy will be directed. As a composite point, it describes how your two energy directions mesh and whether they will reinforce each other or simply get in each other’s way. It will tell whether sparks will fly, igniting random and destructive brush fires, or whether a controlled fire will blossom that will become the engine to power and fulfill your desires under your own direction. Its relationship to Venus, particularly in sexual relationships, is critical, as it will describe whether it will fulfill or deny your sexual needs. In both male and female it describes sexual drive as well as assertiveness and ultimately, aggression. Thus, a well positioned composite Mars allows the two of you to unite your energies naturally toward whatever goal you choose, while a difficult placing will put your efforts constantly at odds, wasting your efforts in mutual conflict or confusion when you should be utilizing them otherwise. As with Venus, this can be the greatest natural blessing or a terrible stumbling block. A strong composite Mars can energize and focus two people who are otherwise at sixes and sevens with themselves, and a troublesome one can throw the most balanced performers into disarray as they wonder what hit them to throw them so off balance. Thus, it will be wise to understand this position well so as to know whether to ride it or back off. It will also portray the power potential of the relationship as it exists in the outside world. A strong Mars has the energy to carry others along with it, whereas a disabled one will tend to break down already functioning operations in the relationships’ social surroundings. None of this suggests that a difficult Mars means you should forget about the relationship, however, as if one of you is simply put in charge in certain areas, mutually compartmentalizing the energy flow; the ill effect can be largely disenabled, albeit at the price of local inequality. It is something to be considered with care and attention, however, as herein lies much of your self-empowerment and control over your lives.


Your joint ability to hit the nail on the head is characteristic of this relationship, and you will find that no job is too refined for you to accomplish together. You know what needs to be done, and you do it. You can be, for this very reason, too demanding on yourselves, and perfectionism sometimes turns into a revolving door where nothing is ever quite perfect. This applies to the way you treat each other as well as the tasks you address, so don’t get too swept up in it. This talent for specifics can be a special blessing where one or both of you is better at seeing the forest than the trees. This way when you get together each tree gets attended to and the whole operation is a success. These Virgo tendencies may not be so helpful in emotional and sexual affairs, where broader feelings and the forgiveness of small errors is critical to mutual love and trust, so don’t insist your partner, or yourself, be too perfect where you are dealing with such affairs. Be as tolerant of error between yourselves as you are intolerant of mistakes in the outside world and you will have the balance just right.


Jupiter in any chart represents the capacity for growth and expansion in relation to whatever it is connected. It means bigger, better, newer, faster, higher, and more developed. It is usually looked at only in the positive aspect, but it also has the potential to get out of hand if not checked and directed. The composite chart is the area that your mutual aspiration and inventiveness meet, a point where creativity is strong but which may or may not bring its potentials to fruition, depending upon its placement and how you handle it. Well-aspected it allows you to view realistically and act effectively upon what you determine together to make the relationship a spawning ground of limitless opportunity, more than either of you could manage separately. Debilitated, it can mean overblown expectations that come to nothing, biting off more than you can chew, situations that spiral out of control, and projects that perish under their own weight. But these ills aside, Jupiter usually does more good than harm and under most conditions it is the place to look for blessings. A solid composite Jupiter will mean that you can always look to the relationship to pull each of you up another step when you are stagnating and it will mean that others can look to the two of you for inspiration and new ideas. Where it is difficult, you will have to take the opportunity to restrain yourself now and again and develop only that which you think you can use at the time to avoid wasting your energies on unrealizable goals. It will show you where the big picture is and provide the kind of life overview which the relationship teaches that you might not have discovered on your own. It can be the force that carries you both away with each other and raises you to heights you didn’t know you had. Its only danger is allowing the relationship to take over you as individuals. Use it as a resource for each of you to draw on, not the other way round, and it will always pay off for you.


The style in which this relationship develops and will take some special tending in order to get the most out of it. You tend to keep your new directions under wraps, sometimes even where each other are concerned, until they spring full-blown into existence. It’s rather like an egg developing, but you can’t see the embryo. It just sits there, until one day it bursts open and out staggers a new-formed chick. Nevertheless, a lot went into forming the new individual, and the wrong conditions experienced by the chick while in the egg can seriously harm its development. Although you will prefer not to give away your plans, it might be a good idea to get some outside feedback now. Then you see if it’s going as well as you think. If not, you need to rework things before it is too late and you’re already committed to a course of action. In the end it will be your feelings rather than your thoughts which will direct the evolution of the relationship. And if it doesn’t work out; it will be feelings, which are sometimes difficult to repair, that are injured. Because you feel it all depends upon you, the pressure to get it right will be much greater than if you opened yourselves up a bit where you can share blame as well as credit. Once you decide how you want to revise and develop your situation, you will find that you have a great deal of commitment to what you are doing and will defend it like a mother defends her children. Such loving care about how the two of you grow together will do much to cement your relationship, especially if you keep channels open between you so both have plenty of input: truly a joint triumph in the end.


Saturn is usually considered the bugbear among planets and has an evil reputation that it only partially deserves. It is associated with restriction, contraction, dearth, debilitation, and a host of other adjectives that add up to not getting what you want. That is, however, only partly true. It might be better to say that it describes extreme delineation, concreteness, and finality and reality in the most concrete sense. Much of our lives are comprised of hopes, plans, desires, dreams, wishes, and expectation, and Saturn describes what actually becomes of them. So in such a goal-oriented, future-driven society as ours, what actually happens is all too often a disappointment, the result of failed unrealistic expectations. Thus, Saturn in the composite chart is where you both get down to brass tacks and determine (or have determined for you) what actually is to be. If this point is well-situated, it means that you can rely on each other and the relationship as something that delivers every time. It will lend solidity to the relationship and make it something you can lean on when either of you need to be backed up. It will also make the two of you a haven for others in distress. In a difficult position, it will mean that you tend to fail each other, to bring each other down, and to sap each other’s energies physically or emotionally. In this situation it can highlight the insecurities of the relationship and mark for failure what might otherwise have succeeded. But in either situation, like any other planet, it will not touch every aspect of the relationship and so you are free to be selective if you know what areas it is either supporting or restricting. You want to know what the bottom line is everywhere, however; and that is what Saturn will tell you. But you don’t have to invest in stocks you think are going to depreciate, either. If you recognize early what the downsides and the support pillars of the relationship are, you can use one to stand on while you either avoid or make repairs upon the other at your leisure. If you do not, ignorance is the ally of the dark side and it will have much greater power to pull you in and cripple you. Find your foundation stones early, so your house will not be built upon sand; and, in time, your temple will rise to the skies.


This is a difficult position for Saturn, as its conservative, stability-seeking nature is literally afloat in the miasma that is the sign of Pisces. It therefore represents a physical and spiritual challenge concerning the methods you go about seeking your security together. If you look for the standard principles to lean on, ones that seem to work for everybody else, you will likely find yourself ill at ease with them and unable to make them work for you. Instead you will have to find a way of deriving your innermost stability from the results of inner growth and a faith in each other’s ability to achieve it. If you ask for imposing results all the time, you’ll seldom get them or, when you need them, they will disappear. If you cast your bread upon the waters, you will be buoyed up by hands unseen and carried on to broader vistas, like a ship caught up in a current and carried to foreign lands. This requires being willing to give up a lot of control that is taken for granted as necessary by most and can make you feel quite insecure until you get used to it. It is mainly a matter of style here, however, as the results will be the same, just not the methods you find most successful to go about getting to them.


Uranus is one of the three relatively recently-discovered outer planets, and all three are marked with a reality common to new experience and endeavor. They are not fully explored and thus not very much under our control. Uranus has been known the longest, (since 1786), and is a bit more familiar. It is associated with sudden events, shocks, realizations, discoveries, and other highly delineated events that sheer off quickly and completely from their previous states or surroundings. For creatures of habit, such as most of us are, this is usually upsetting and generally bad news. But it does not have to be. Your ability to use Uranus instead of letting it abuse you, is directly related to how flexible and quick on your feet you are. It also is linked to how willing you are to accept and welcome change as part of the nature of things. If you accept it grudgingly, then Uranus will always be a symbol of malice; if you welcome it with open arms, it will be a deliverance and an inspiration. In the composite chart, Uranus is where the two of you are repeatedly forced to rise to this occasion, and its contacts will tell in what areas of life it usually manifests. Well situated, it is a mutual window onto the future, flooding you both with light and clueing you into what is coming next. In such a position, it will make the relationship an eye-opener, which you come back to time and again for more. It will also tend to put you both ahead of the game emotionally and socially placing you in a leadership position among others where future thinking is concerned. In a difficult place, it will mean that you bring to each other incidents and accidents in areas where you are the most entrenched and you force each other to come to grips with ideas with which you refuse to deal. This can be a source of great mutual blame: ÒYou made me get into this. If it weren’t for you, this never would have happened. . . Ó and so on. This is particularly the case in sexual affairs in a society that is at heart so sexually conservative (even backward) and yet ruthlessly courts danger by flaunting it everywhere as if it were an everyday affair. Perhaps the only way to deal with this planet is to expect the unexpected, thus robbing it of harm and providing it with a welcome. If you are ready to harness it - like a wild horse - you can ride it far. If you turn your back, it will surely trample you. Where this occurs in the composite chart, keep your eyes wide open, your stance wide, and your tolerance level on maximum.


The road to self-discovery is often a bumpy one, and Uranus is its key. In this relationship you will find that it is not as elusive as it often can be, and once you embrace a new concept, it will become a source from which you can draw. That will only be of benefit if you don’t look the gift horse in the mouth, but get in there and understand and use it, as difficult as it might be to handle at first. Otherwise it will become a thorn in your side and you’ll wish you were back in your previously unenlightened state and it would leave you alone. Change is often abrasive until you are conditioned to it, and often comes not in the guise of clear enlightenment but in the form of a nagging aberration in the relationship where the usual way of conducting yourselves does not work. It may come as the result of having to face a hidden peculiarity of taste or desire in one or the other of you which will not be buried easily. Turn toward it, not away from it, and go into the heart of the fire, even if it seems threatening or distasteful, as it is likely to be the diamond in the rough that allows you to leap to the next plateau of inner and outer understanding of how you both can work together. Ignored, it can become a debilitating thorn in your side and undermine your partnership. Take the opportunity in whatever guise it appears, particularly if it keeps showing up on the edges of the relationship.


The effects of Neptune, another outer planet and a recent discovery, are often largely out of our control both by our unfamiliarity with its effects and the apparent nature of the planet which represents the uncertain, dreams, illusions, ideals, mystery, and the higher unexplored (and perhaps unexplorable entirely) plane of the spiritual world. Its nature is so uncertain, it’s not even known exactly when it was discovered; various claims exist from 1810 all the way up to 1846, and we may never know for sure. It may be viewed from afar with a certain amount of analysis, however. When we find an area of mystery, it is our natural instinct to provide something to fill that void. Nature abhors a vacuum and our minds rush in to fill it with every kind of speculation and fantasy, if only to have something to act on in the area. Whatever is actually there will turn up eventually. In the meantime we provide ourselves with an image which may be close enough to the truth to better help us function or may be off in fantasyland and fail us utterly if we are unwise enough to lean on it. We know only in hindsight. Thus, in a composite chart, this point becomes the place where dreams, fantasies, hopes and ideals meet or clash, and inspire us or drag us down in confusion and conflict. Too many wars and personal battles have been fought over it needlessly, because none of these things actually existed until later. That’s the crux of it: don’t fight over what isn’t there, at least not yet. Well placed, this planet will help you aspire to higher, more selfless goals but even they can make you take them more seriously than they are. Badly positioned, it can lead to lies, deceit, and mistrust based on mutual misreading of the unknown and the foolish action taken upon it. In the end, it is a gentle, diaphanous planet that can never be forced. Dreams and fantasies belong to each of you individually; and when they are similar enough to share, whether emotionally, sexually, spiritually, or even financially, they can be the greatest of joys. If one of you tries to enforce any of it on the other, however, everything will turn distasteful and there will be no dreams left; the mist will be blown away and only a charred landscape will remain. Where this point occurs, go gently, expect nothing, and everything will be returned to you.


Your hopes and aspirations concerning each other and your mutual status in life may often be quite specific, which can make you quite goal-oriented and tenacious about what you want to achieve. It can also set you up for needless disappointment: things seldom turn out exactly as you expect, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t turn out well. Thus, when it comes to judging whether things are living up to expectations, you will do well to give yourself (and each other) a little leeway and ask not whether you got what you wanted but whether you can be happy with what you’ve got. This does not mean a lowering of values or expectation, just developing the ability to shift the details a bit and to see that when it’s all totaled up you really got as much as you had wished for, just not the same things you had set your heart on. Imagine a child opening a host of presents beneath the Christmas tree and then bursting into tears because the one most-desired toy on his or her wish list wasn’t included. That can make for a miserable holiday for everyone until the child stops seeing only the hole and looks at the rest of the doughnut. So it goes with you, and when you count your blessings, even while reserving the right to go after more, you’ll find your dreams more likely to come true and your illusions left where they should be Ñ behind you.


Of the three outer planets, Pluto is the most recently discovered (1930) and least subject to our control. As such, it is even considered the planet of power and control, ultimately because it so controls us in our attempt to overcome it. It is, of course, appropriately named after the ancient god of death, the thing which in the last analysis we cannot control; and at the most basic instinctual level, all the control we try to exercise in life is simply a ploy to cheat death a little longer. It is called the survival instinct. The point at which Pluto occurs in the composite chart is thus, at a deep level, where we meet in our ability to face death. But it doesn’t manifest itself that way on the surface. Instead, it shows up as the methods we use to keep control in order to avoid the certainty of personal annihilation. Well placed, it will mean a partnership that simply doesn’t worry about keeping in control of the situation, secure in the faith that things will take care of themselves and when it’s time to go, you’re in God’s hands. In a bad place or aspect, it will mean continuous attempts to gain power over each other and the environment (according to aspect, sign, and house) and a penchant for compulsive behavior that easily gets out of control. Or, rather, it was never in control to begin with. In some instances, particularly sexual, this can be heightened to mystic proportions, and though it can be playing with fire it can also be very revelatory. Where prominently placed, for well or ill, it will give the relationship an aura of inescapability and predestination, something that sweeps over you both (like sex or death) and takes you out of yourselves. Similarly, you may find the relationship itself has something of this effect on others, giving you a greater power (a power which you must be careful not to abuse) over those around you. In the end, however, it is the willingness to relinquish control as well as take it that resolves problematic issues. In the meantime, the ability to step away from the relationship and out of its sway, at least in Pluto-affected areas, can be an important safety measure.


The bottom-line issues of this relationship, those that will most strongly unite or divide you, will be those concerning how to handle the structure and behavior of the family unit, religion, personal and sexual morality, and other affairs of private life. These will often seem to be life or death matters, upon which you will risk your own integrity and that of the relationship. When you agree in these matters, you have an unbreakable bond that can carry you through a lot of adversity, but when you disagree you can be put at odds in the most intractable fashion. The greatest problem, where there is one, will be the difficulty in airing differences because of a disinclination to express them accurately and respect the other person’s position. They are grounded not in intellect, but emotion, and as such are more difficult to localize, examine, and adapt where necessary. Because they are major groundworks of personal control and defense, you can recognize them when you find yourself using such words as must, always,never, and other absolutes to which fallible mortals are not entitled to use, particularly in emotional affairs. If there is a way of understanding and circumventing the conflicts which these might bring, it may be to realize that you each have your own individual relationship with your Maker (or the Universe, or however you want to express it), which is not that of the other, or any other. You live with it, and you will die with it, and to force that special relationship on another is to directly fly in the face of the Creator. Make your own peace, and let others make theirs; that is ultimately all that is given to you. If you can do it together, ideally in unity, then you have achieved something special; but to do so you must tend your own garden first, because that is what you are ultimately responsible for.


This relationship is likely to appear fairly formidable to others, perhaps more so than it does to the two of you who actually make it up. Together you exude a certain intensity which can both very much attract but also intimidate others in your proximity. It gives you extra power as a duo, but it also somewhat diminishes your individual freedom to relate separately to others, as it may seem to them that yours is a relationship that may be interfered with only at their peril. You may have to make an extra effort to make it known that you are not circling the wagons and avoid the inclination to take things too personally on each other’s behalf. Instead, utilize the extra sensitivity you seem to bring to each other to shed light on those around you. When you are seen in this light as a caring, nurturing pair, you will be best able to exploit the new talents and possibilities which this relationship presents not just to you but to others around you who may benefit from your ministrations. When you externalize your special sensitivities, they grow and you grow with them; if you keep them inside, unexpressed, they will have a tendency to build up pressure and boil over. When you feel especially touched by another person or by a situation, make a point of expressing how you feel; when you spread your feelings around, everybody benefits.


Yours is often at times a gangbusters relationship, where you can’t get enough of each other and the new things that being around each other bring to light. It’s as if each time you pass the ball you’ve gained more yardage, so you do it again at the first opportunity. Although this can have many external manifestations, as your quickness and originality together can find many areas of creative expression, it is primarily an internal matter. You just give each other a boost at precisely the right place and time, allowing each of you to keep taking off when the energy begins to run dry. Naturally, this will lead to big plans, not small ones, and considerable reliance on your personal energy and presence to pull things off. In most cases you will be able to exceed your expectations, but remember that everyone has limits and you should look around and be familiar with yours. Professionally, this is a great position for sales and development, as you will have a natural grasp on new ideas and be able to put them across effectively. Personally, your natural enthusiasm for each other and the world around you makes you a pleasure to be with whether you’re by yourselves or with company. If there is any problem with this position, it may be that it makes you difficult to keep up with for those not as blessed with such eagerness and zeal for living.


You are particularly idealistic about the new directions you choose to take, and you feel responsible for growing in ways that have a universal sort of benefit. You can seem a little bit moralizing or preachy about it at times, but not so much as to be obnoxious or not to be taken seriously. Fundamentally, you achieve a balancing act between going for what you believe should be and accepting what you realize is the best that can be achieved in the circumstances. The direction, however, is ever upward, and small steps are often the surest way to make long-lasting change. Feelings between you will lean toward the spiritual if this is a love relationship, and the finer qualities of love and affection will be emphasized, even when most physically expressed. In the business world, this will be more difficult to manifest, as you will have to sacrifice immediate profits now and again in the interests of doing the right thing, which can put you at a temporary disadvantage with your competitors. If you use your natural inclinations for combining practicality with idealism, however, you can benefit from greater productivity of those around you who will feel like they are part of something greater and therefore join together and make more out of less, thanks to the easing of internal tensions and competition. There is often more practical benefits from being right than short-term financial thinkers can imagine.


Just being in this relationship will broaden your horizons and expand your possibilities in any and all directions you choose. You have a definite effect on each other, where one supplies the missing link in order to take the next step forward, after which the favor is returned, thus leap-frogging each other at an accelerating rate. In general, if nothing else it is likely to be fun just to be around each other. This shows, and so it’s also likely you’ll attract others who want a piece of your action and who will get involved and help out with whatever projects you cook up. Your challenges together therefore will not be in generating something beneficial to do together, but in making the right choice among many and then in managing it to a successful conclusion. It is often harder to make a choice when you have a blinding array to choose from than if there are just two or three, and you will likely have that experience. Who to include and who to exclude will also be an issue, as you will want to include everybody along the way but that can easily get out of hand. Despite these sometimes difficult choices, the overall color and feeling of what you have together is optimistic and forward-looking, expecting success and by doing so being one up on achieving it.


You may at times be compared to a juggernaut by those around you, as you will have a steamroller effect when together and can gain control over your immediate environment by sheer force of personality alone. This can be pretty convenient when you want to get things done, but it can also cause you to miss the input of others who might not be heard as you roll over them. Thus, your relationship becomes something of a responsibility because of the innate power that lies between you. Because of this power, if a conflict arises between you it can have the aspect of a world war, so make sure you’re always on the same side. There is a lesson to be learned here, and that is the willingness to give way when you feel you don’t have to, and to refrain from exercising power just because you have it. When you discover that power is never in you, but runs through you for you to direct, then the possibilities of abuse of power evaporate and its creative use becomes a tool for the service of each other and those around you. This way the changes that you are bound to effect because of the way you are will be in the interests of both of you and all concerned. If you use these energies for yourselves alone, they may or may not result in conflict, but they will not produce their potential and that would be an unfortunate waste.


This relationship is buzzing with intellectual energy and words fly back and forth at the speed limit of comprehension, sometimes faster. When you are in accord, this is a major benefit and allows the two of you to be models of self-expression. When you are not, it can be hard to keep track of whose argument holds water and what is just wasted words. This is a good position if you are involved in communication in general, as it gives you extra punch when it comes to getting your point across. You can be verbally forceful and not take no for an answer, even if only because the opposition cannot get a word in edgewise. Because you will be surrounded only by people who can keep up with you, you will find yourselves in fairly articulate company most of the time and you will not have to look far to get a second opinion when you need one. However, you should be aware that your enthusiasm for expressing yourselves and your opinions can cause you to miss valuable insight and information from those who are less vocal. From time to time you will need to draw out the opinions of others and back off while they have their say or you will not have a well-balanced view of your own reality. Use your enthusiasm for communication to help others get their point across and you will be the winners.

MARS opposition SATURN

This is a difficult aspect because it saps your energies enough to make it difficult to get things accomplished, but not enough to make you call it quits. It’s like you’re hot one moment and then, just as you’re getting your stride, you’re not. Then when the whole situation has been compromised, suddenly you’re ready to go again. This can happen with your joint relationship to the outside world, where the only thing that will help is to beef up your stamina. In the short run, it makes running a business a real pain, but in the long run it will force you to learn all the ins and outs of conservation, delegation of authority when you’re not up to it, all of which will make you solid down the road. On the personal level it is a bit more difficult to deal with, as the ons and offs may come from each other, one being hot and the other cold, and vice versa. To an extent this may be the natural order of things, but it can be greatly exacerbated by allowing resentments to build up to the point where neither of you are hot any time. If you keep your feelings about the situation out in the open, you will have the chance to push your way through and handle the situation without blaming it on each other. The internal method is similar to the external. You will need to find strategies for coping when your energy and mood levels are different. Ways of making your timing more mutual, and ways of saving up an extra boost of energy so you can be compatible. Persevere, and it will be OK.


Communications problems of a verbal nature may be a problem for you and it may be difficult to put into words what you are trying to say to each other. This does not necessarily mean you can’t get your points across, just that phrasing them is not as easy as it might be. Thus you can say one thing while meaning another, and often the meaning will be heard despite the fact that it wasn’t precisely what was said. Your non-verbal and intuitive skills are more effective than your ability to organize it in print. That’s a situation you will get used to in such a way that it won’t be a big problem between you Ñ just remember it’s what’s meant, not what’s said, that counts. It may not be so easy for those who know you less well to do this, and you may find yourselves being misinterpreted in a social context as a result of confusion with others. You may be able to get around this, however, by letting one of you alone be the spokesperson for the relationship when it is particularly important to make yourselves heard clearly. Decide what you mean ahead of time and then let the more articulate of the two of you get the point across for both of you. And where necessary, don’t be afraid to repeat your message several different ways to be sure you are being understood.


This is a relationship that loves to have a good time, and as such it favors expression as a love affair, a partnership in the creative arts or entertainment, or any manifestation where the primary expression is joyful, playful, and life-enhancing. Everyone, of course, likes a good time, but the difference is that you will be able to make an art form out of it, to do it better and enjoy it more than others who might attempt the same. That is because you do not sit and are passive about it, as so many do, but throw your whole personalities into finding out what makes life enjoyable and creative and then doing it. It’s the difference between just being a party-goer and being a first-rate party-giver. Both enjoy the party, but only the latter is the founder of the feast. When together you will naturally engender fun and enjoyment; you’ll find yourselves never short of company to join in. Just take care to choose your companions well, as good-time friends are often only that. Because of the free and innocent nature of this position, working with and enjoying children is also highly favored, as you will innately know what pleases them and how to get them to express themselves in the most positive fashion. They will recognize themselves in you, and vice versa, a lesson you can bring to the rest of the all-too-grownup world.

VENUS sextile MARS

In a love relationship, this is one of the best aspects you can have, as it means that the two main physical sexual indicators are in harmony, which will save you all kinds of conflict in this area so gratuitously strewn with problems. Mars is physical sex drive, and Venus is desire, and when the two are at odds, it can be difficult indeed. Here they move easily hand in hand, so when you feel like it, you have the opportunity and the wherewithal to do it, and vice-versa. This is not a madly passionate position, however, but one where love and friendship can blend easily and there is a quiet feeling that everything is going to go right with each other. Even in a strictly professional relationship, this means that you will get along well and that each will tend to provide what the other needs at the appropriate times and your energies will more easily blend into a unified effort. This has the additional benefit of attracting others to you because you move well together and the apparent lack of conflict makes you look like winners. If there is any deficit here, it can be in taking this sort of natural cooperation for granted and not understanding why it doesn’t always work that way for others. Thus, even though you may find that things go easy, spend some time investigating how you do it and how others don’t, so you can articulate the keys to your success and better blend it with those who have inherited a harsher reality in this respect.


The phrase less is more is too-often used and too-little understood, but if there is anybody who really knows what it means in a positive sense, it will be you. There is a pleasant air of restrained desire here which allows you to get the most out of the least and avoid trying to get more than you can enjoy. If everyone had this talent, the world’s resources would be in much better shape than they are. It may seem from the outside that your relationship is overly cool or formal, but they don’t see what you get out of it from within. Most people have to consume more to get the satisfaction you do. In a business relationship, this is a real advantage, as you will tend to conserve your resources and can stretch a dollar more than the competition, as you just don’t require as much to get the job done. In any situation, it will be well to not just know your limits, but enjoy and embrace them, turning them to your favor rather than battling them. Because of this talent, a great deal of the rest of your life will go easier, with resources that would be otherwise wasted freed up for your use. You can make that effect much broader if you can transfer the secret to others around you who could use a little good advice on how to make the most out of their lives with a lot less effort.


This is a very difficult position for the sun and it will take a lot of mutual understanding to make the relationship work, especially if it is a marriage. The essential problem here is one of inequality, a difficulty in achieving a fair balance between the two of you and between yourselves and the rest of the world. One will dominate and the other will serve, and not necessarily very willingly or with a clear understanding of exactly what’s going on. From a business point of view, this position can work if you are both in a service profession and thoroughly dedicated to it, because here you knowingly intend to put others first and take pride in success at it. In the case of each other, it will be important to explore the ways in which inequality occurs within the relationship and make sure that it is mutually agreed upon. If either of you is a martyr or just goes along to get along, you’re headed for trouble. Expectation will be your enemy, but if you seek nothing you are more likely to gain something. In this case, the meek do inherit the earth, but only if you both play the role. The lesson of meaningful selflessness (as opposed to self-sacrifice) is one of the most difficult to learn, and here it will be required in order for this relationship to succeed, especially at a personal level.

SUN square MARS

It can be very difficult to direct your energies together and you may spend a lot of time in disputes over subjects that don’t really warrant it but somehow stick in your collective craw. It is as if once you get yourselves into something, you can’t get out, especially when you didn’t mean to get into it in the first place. This is not any fundamental disagreement between you, but misdirected (or, rather, undirected) energy setting things afire more or less at random. It means there are a lot of sparks between you, and your joint level of energy will be high, but when things don’t get done as you expect them to or when mistakes are made, that energy can get turned against each other and not only be wasted but cause you harm. If it is any comfort, this is something that will mellow with time, if you have the patience to let each other make mistakes and blame it not on one another but on circumstance. You are, literally, victims of a natural phenomenon with which you will learn to cope in time, increasingly coming into control of your energies and funneling them into a more focused stream. It is like picking up a wildly flailing fire hose Ñ at first it sprays everywhere and flings you around, soaking everything in sight. After you have grappled with it for a while, you eventually get it under control and it can do its work. It’s the struggle on the way you have to put up with. This will work only if you stay on for the long haul.


Sometimes it may feel as if your relationship has sprung a leak; an energy leak. It may feel that just as you are about to make a move, something undermines it and you pull your punch just enough to make it ineffectual. It may happen because of too much self-criticism or too much criticism of each other. This cuts away at self-confidence and builds unwarranted expectation of failure. It’s the sort of thing that can become a vicious circle: fear of defeat leading to defeat, which then justifies further anxieties in the future. Although one does not improve without seeking out and removing faults, focusing on faults alone is like taking one leg out from under a horse; even though its still got three perfectly good ones left, it’s bound to fall. Although you should not ignore weaknesses, you will need to focus more on your strengths and accept that there will always be something to complain about if you insist, but why bother? Accentuate the positive and you’re more likely to get positive results. The difficulty will be in not giving in to a backward glance at what you’re afraid might be a fatal flaw. Like most squares, this is one where you learn from your mistakes over a period of time and eventually hone it down to a science. What began as crippled movement evolves into economy of motion.


There is an air of destiny about your relationship, as if you are taking on something that will be with you for a very long time, perhaps much longer than a single lifetime. That, in fact, is very likely the case, and you will find that you are willing to make commitments from the heart with great sincerity and meaning, ones which you have every intention of living up to. Remember, however, that once you get yourself committed to things in this relationship, it is for a long stretch. You will not be able to let go honorably even when the situation gets rocky from time to time. Further, you will likely not get the intended payoffs you desire until well along and you must be willing to cheerfully bear burdens for both your sakes. As long as you realize that, your commitments will tend to cement the relationship together. If you get in over your head, it will have precisely the opposite effect and you will wind up with obligations you don’t want to honor and perhaps no relationship at all, kind of like wrecking your car before you’ve paid for it. That is a worst case scenario, however, and it is likely the good feelings here will outweigh any difficulties rash commitments might bring.


This is a difficult place for the Moon and represents what can be an extreme challenge or a great burden, depending upon how you approach it. The immediate reaction to emotional situations here will be to answer the question, Who is boss? That is a bad place to start, and might be well substituted with, How can we serve each other? Since service tends to be such a one-way affair in our current society, it may be difficult to create satisfying equality out of a serve and be served kind of situation. It will require that you both examine the roles you play in respect to each other and be very specific of what is acceptable and what is not for both of you. The emotions of each must have free play from time to time, however you decide upon mutually accepted restrictions, and you may find that because of this it will be well to have another option to give yourselves individual growth separate from the relationship. This is a situation in which what will be asked of each of you may be the very thing you would least like to give up. It is your option to take this on or not. If you do, make plenty of space for it, because it will take up much more time and emotional effort than you may have estimated at the onset.


You are very expressive together and share a quick wit that allows you to articulate your feelings well. The result of being together will be an expanded understanding of your emotional sides. You may find that you develop a passion for the insightful turn of phrase, leading to meaningful arguments for ideas you feel strongly about. This can be most useful in the professional world where language means so much but so few have a good mastery of it. When you get your point across and others don’t, you’re going to be the ones for the job. Perhaps just as useful, however, is your ability to put emotions clearly into verbal form so they don’t get lost, repressed, or trodden on during the ups and downs of the relationship. You have a light quality about you, precisely because you have less excess emotional baggage weighing you down. If there is any problem with this position, it is that you will tend to say it all even when it is better to leave things unsaid. It sometimes pays to leave certain things a mystery.


A streak of well-aimed originality is innate in this relationship and you will always be ready to go for the new approach with an open heart. You can go just far enough in exploring the new to keep each other continually in a new light without having to blind each other in the process. For you, exploration of new personal options is a challenge, not a fight; an opportunity rather than a potential conflict. Thus, experimenting with new or unusual lifestyles, for instance, can come as a welcome change and opportunity to refresh yourselves and grow together, whereas for others it might seem a challenge to authority, either an inner authority or that of society. When you face the issue, it can work with ease and you will evolve into the next step of your relationship. It is as if you know just how far to push for change so it can happen in a creative and efficient manner, and not so far that it becomes counterproductive to its own ends. What underlies is a fundamental respect for the truth and the many ways of seeing it. You are willing to respect each other’s views and those of others and are willing to give all the space to operate under their own set of inspirations until they prove right or wrong. Preset dispositions will be gently but firmly set aside until the final argument is in.


This position of Mercury lends a certain intensity to your communications and may cause you to get caught up in details that may have you at odds with one another. This particularly applies to issues where one of you must play second fiddle to the other. These situations will inevitably occur and they will have to be dealt with patience, forgiveness, and self-sacrifice, especially when the cards do not seem fair. As a business relationship, this is not necessarily troublesome as long as you let business be business. Where it interferes with your own perceived equality in a personal relationship, it will be more difficult to adjust and will require an inner understanding of equality even when that is not what seems to be happening on the surface. It will be easy to focus on your problems and to let them weigh you down, so try to let your willingness to work on them be a mutual reward in itself rather than insisting on delineated or permanent results. When you are proud to bear the duties and responsibilities your relationship brings to you, it will flourish from within; view them as burdens or let them go untended, and they can bear you under despite the best of intentions.


Clarity and originality are the grace of this relationship and you can pierce through the veil of illusion to get concrete results any time you care to. Your ability to express leading-edge concepts without seeming too far-out can enable you to leap ahead of competitors who are still struggling to make outdated systems work for them. This, of course, gives this relationship great professional potential in any area which is future-oriented and depends on the swift and accurate implementation of new discoveries. Even if you do not choose to express this talent in the professional arena, it will still be a continual eye-opener throughout your lives and will be a wellspring of personal growth and understanding. Because you will have a deep, abiding respect for the truth and the natural desire and ability to perpetuate it, you will find that you can be thought-provoking and inspiring teachers as well. When you have the opportunity to perpetuate your vision, you will not hesitate to pass on your insights so that others can implement your vision as well as yourselves. If there is anything that you will want to see continued, it will be an approach to discovery inside and out that proceeds at a non-disruptive pace. The greatest enemy of progress is often too much progress too soon, and what you have is the ability to judge just how far is too far and stop just short of it. It is an ability you will want to share.


This aspect should spark a good deal of debate between the two of you. It need not be unfriendly, and will probably take the form of friendly banter, playing Devil’s advocate, switching sides, all in order to see that everything is in balance and you have seen all sides of the issues. This makes for a strong intellectual union, as exercising your mental muscles together gets you fit and lends the same camaraderie that pumping iron in a gym might do. It also gives you a natural outlet for airing your personal difficulties and problems so that they do not build up resentments and so that they get attended to immediately. This inclination to immediate articulation will also draw to you friends of a similar nature, and frequent and profuse communication will become a major factor in your lives. Professionally, this is an excellent position, as it allows you to network well and to keep the necessary lines open to be able to move on a moment’s notice when it is required. If there is any place this is less than beneficial, it would be where deep emotional or spiritual considerations dominate and where stilling the mind is necessary before strides can be made. Keeping still mentally will be one of the more difficult things for you to accomplish, though it may be done much more easily individually than together.


Because the sixth house is concerned with duties and responsibilities and the Moon’s north node is also associated with the commitments and obligations your relationship takes on, it may be said that much of the purpose of your getting together is to learn lessons about just these matters. At times you may feel your relationship is something of a burden because it does not leave you as untrammeled as you might be with other situations, but you get what you pay for in life, and a free ride often doesn’t really take you anywhere. As with most commitments, the payoff comes later rather than sooner, and it may be in a different form than you might expect. Here it will be a greater breadth of human understanding which comes from the experience of serving a higher goal than just individual profit or benefit and it will be more valuable to you than anything you can acquire with cash or a credit card. Because the south node is also in the twelfth house of hidden and subconscious matters, a lot of the payoff will be involved in the surfacing of emotions and problems that have been previously immune to conscious knowledge or solutions, though their initial appearance on the scene may not seem as beneficial as they will have been once they have passed. No pain, no gain, and if you persevere and live up to what you have agreed to, you will be glad indeed that you met.


Intellectually you are likely to have a pretty realistic, no-nonsense view of life and will be fairly well guarded from the flights of fantasy that can carry others off the deep end. The vagaries of religion, philosophy, and politics will have little appeal unless they are well-tied to real life and bear fruit in their applications more than in their inspirations. What you look for is more the distillations of these areas and what they have in common with your own experience rather that their elaboration. Rather than pursue the ineffable, you bring it down to human scale and reality. This will allow you a greater degree of safety in your personal and business ventures, but it may also deny you some of the side trips along the road of life that make existence particularly interesting. When you impose greater limits than necessary, even in the guise of prudence and practicality may block the needed creativity and communication that keeps a relationship alive and growing. Saturn’s strength is always security, but its weakness is calcification and isolation, so try to take your natural advantage of the former without falling prey to the latter. Take that extra side trip, literally and figuratively, from time to time just to keep your minds and emotions flexible and perhaps to savor the thrill and even insecurity of the consciously chosen risk.


There can be a certain fortress like quality to this relationship, which can have both advantages and disadvantages, particularly if other planets aspect either Saturn or Pluto. Saturn’s solidity and Pluto’s menacing implacability linked arm in arm make for a formidable foe and an awesome defense. The problem will be not becoming a prisoner of your own defenses. If there are difficult aspects to either Saturn or Pluto, you can get tied up in negativity or combativeness which will be exacerbated by the sheer power of the forces involved. Well-aspected, this gives you an overwhelming toughness and determination that will allow you to survive the most extreme onslaughts. In the business world, this can make you hard-ball players of major league proportions, tough as nails and able to stare down your competitors until they cut and run. On the personal front you have to make very sure that this aspect gets used only against the outside world and never against each other, as you could find yourselves in gridlock, frozen into place emotionally because neither of you will give in and each is convinced of an ultimately winning position. If you don’t agree, agree to disagree and move on, or the whole relationship can grind to a halt.


This is not the best place for Uranus if this is a professional relationship, as it will make your career efforts and results rather unstable and difficult to depend on. This is not to say without success, but without regularity, which make successes difficult to bank on. The same is to be said about publicity, which is often an important part of any business effort. When you most want it, nobody cares, and when you least expect it, everyone’s got their nose in your business. The same may go for your private life as individuals, where you will need to look out for rumors that come up overnight and get easily blown out of proportion (albeit, usually with a basis in fact). If you are quick on your feet, you can pounce on unexpected opportunity and get a lot of mileage out of it, but like riding in a plane without a fuel gauge, you never know when the tank will run dry and down you go, so it’s better to land earlier than later. You will need nerves of steel and a lot of luck to go far under such circumstances. So take what comes but don’t rely on when and where opportunity will knock. Just be sure that it will, and loudly when it does.