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Resources used to develop this web site are listed below. If we used an idea or graphic reference, we have listed the source below.  This is not a comprehensive list of IRAI's library by any means.  Other suggested books are in the BOOKSTORE
Arranged alphabetically by AUTHOR
The editions listed are the editions in the IRAI Library.  Amazon may have different editions

Arroyo, Stephen
  Astrology, karma & transformation : inner dimensions of the birth chart : New rev. & expanded ed., 2nd ed. ; Sebastol, CA : CRCS Publications, c. 1992
Banzhaf, Hajo and Anna Haebler
  Keywords for Astrology : York Beach, Maine : Samuel Weiser, c.1996
Brady, Bernadette
[Book of Fixed Stars]
   Brady's book of fixed stars : York Beach, Maine : Samuel Weiser, c.1998
Brady, Bernadette
[Eagle and the Lark]
    Predictive Astrology : the Eagle and the Lark : York Beach, Maine : Samuel Weiser, c.1992
Brooks, Chris
  Midpoint Keys to Chiron : Tempe, AZ : American Federation of Astrologers, c. 1992.
Daniels, Estelle
  Astrologickal Magick: York Beach, ME : Samuel Weiser, c. 1995.
Hand, Robert
Horoscope Symbols : Algien, PA : Whitford Press, c.1981 
Hand, Robert
  Planets in Transit: Life Cycles in Living : Alglen, PA : Whitford Press, c. 1976
Jones, Prudence, ed.
  Creative Astrology : Experiential Understanding of the Birth Chart : London, Aquarian Press, c. 1991.
Leo, Alan, 1860-1918
   Esoteric Astrology : a study in human nature : London : L.N. Fowler and Co., LTD, c.1967
   v. 7—"Astrology for all" Series
March, Marion D. and Joan McEvers
  The only way to learn Astrology series v. 1-6: San Diego, CA :ACS publications, 1976-1994
Marks, Tracy
  The art of Chart Interpretation : Sebastapol, CA: CRCS Publications, rev. expanded editions, c. 1986
Marks, Tracy
  Your Secret Self: Illuminating the Mysteries of the Twelfth House : Sebastopol, CA: CRCS Publications, c. 1989
Maynard, Jim
  Jim Maynard's Celestial Guide 2001 : Ashland, Oregon, Quicksilver Productions, c.2000
Firmly recommended as a great annual guide to the transits
Parker, Derek and Julia
  The Compleat Astrologer : London : Mitchell Beazley, Ltd. c.1975
    Pelletier, Robert
  Planets in Aspects: Understanding your inner dynamics : Alglen, PA : Whitford Press, c. 1974.
Rushman, Carol
   The Art of Predictive Astrology : forecasting your life events : St. Paul, MN : Llewellyn, c.2002
Schulman, Martin
Karmic Astrology series v. 1-3 : York Beach, Maine : Samuel Weiser, c. 1975-1978
   v.1 — The Moon's Nodes and Reincarnation, v.2 — Retrogrades and Reincarnation, v.3 — Joy and the Part of Fortune.
Solange de Mailly Nesle
  Astrology: history, symbols and signs : Editions Fernand Nation, c.1981
Tester, Jim
  A history of Western Astrology : New York, Ballantine Books, c. 1987
Tyl, Noel, 1936-
   Solar Arcs : Astrology's most successful predictive system... : St. Paul, MN : Llewellyn, c. 2002
Tyl, Noel, 1936-
  Times to come : St. Paul, MN : Llewellyn, c.1975—1st edition
   v.12—The Principles and Practice of Astrology



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