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Personal Astrology:
Not for entertainment purposes but for life direction

Choice of : 2 FOUR HOUR SESSIONS with 1/2 hour break or ONE DAY both SESSIONS for 8 and 1/2 hours.

The personal natal chart or birth chart understanding is a powerful spiritual tool for daily activities. The potential energy patterns of your unique chart allow for awareness of the choices before you. IRAI philosophy teaches and aspouses soul-centered astrology not fate based astrology. There is always a CHOICE. This course is designed to assist you in understanding those choices.

The goal is to acquaint you with all with the basic language and practices of interpretation of the science and art of Astrology. Every effort is made to remove the mystique from Astrology speak.

As you graduate from this course to the intermediate course, you should be able to look at your own natal chart and identify the patterns and aspects within that chart for your own interpretation of that map.

Each person attending this course will receive personal one on one consulting on their natal chart throughout the sessions from the professional astrologer. Invaluable information that will last a lifetime all for a couple afternoons of instructions.

NOTE: This course, by no means, offers accreditation at the PROFESSIONAL astrology consulting level but does serve as an introduction to that possibility. The instruction given is meant for personal knowledge only. If you expect to learn enough to offer consultation to others, this class is not for you. We will be happy to suggest other accredited Astrology Schools to meet that objective.

Pre-registration required. Class size is limited to only 10 people. See below for payment

Personal natal information (Date of birth, Time of birth and Place of birth) is necessary for this class as we will be discussing your chart in class. Exact birth time is not necessary for the class, but it is highly recommended.

April 30 12:30 to 5PM: Session ONE

May 14 12:30 to 5PM: Session TWO

May 21  10:00 AM to 6:30 PM COMBINED BOTH SESSIONS
Each session has a half hour break

PLACE: 6701 Seybold Rd
Conference Room
Madison, WI 53719
*See Map below


Hour 1: Elements, Modes and Zodiac Signs: THE CHARACTERS

Hour 2: The Planets: THE ACTORS

Hour 3: The Houses: THE SETTING

Hour 4: Aspects I (Major): THE MAIN DIALOGUE OF THE MAIN CHARACTERS. Beginning discussion on the Ptolemaic angles and aspects in a chart.


Hour 5: Aspects II (Minor): THE SUB DIALOGUE: Part 2. of the Ptolemaic aspects, introduction to harmonics.

Hour 6: Planetary Chart Patterns and Aspect Configuration: Is the chart a Bowl, Tripod, Splash, etc? Are there Grand Trines, Grand Crosses, Yods, Mystic Rectangles?

Hour 7: ACTION: Chart Analysis through the eyes of esoteric astrology. The Rays, Soul Ray and Personality Ray.

Hour 8: CONCLUSION: We will continue with Chart Analysis, discussion on using Astrology and the responsibility, and speaking the astrological language. Discussion of where Astrology comes form, where it is now and where it is going in the future with new astronomical information being found regularly will happen.

Recommended text for this course are:
The Art of Chart Interpretation: Tracy Marks and V.1-2 of The Only Way to Learn Astrology by Joan McEvers and Marion March. Both are available at http://www.astro.com


PRICE: $90.00

        Non-refundable deposit of $25.00 is required with pre-registration which is applied to the balance due.

        Balance is due in full five days before the  assigned class if using Personal Check or Money Order to pay.

        Exact cash is accepted the day of class. $20.00 deposit applied that day. No credit cards or personal checks the day of class.

      ADVANCE PAYMENT IS CONSIDERED 5 days before the scheduled class.

      Internet Payments are discounted 10% of the price if paid in advance and in full. See below

     For those paying in advance and in full and through this web site, there is a 10% discount of $81.00. Please click on the ADD TO CART BUTTON under FULL PAYMENT

     Refunds are given only if class is cancelled by IRAI. Non-attendance forfeits the deposit.

1) Choose the box for the dates or date you will be attending and the type of payment you will be making.

  INTERNET PAYMENTS: press the ADD TO CART button if you are paying by internet credit card or e check. This will take you to another screen but upon finishing you should be able to close out that window to then go on to Step 2.

2) Fill in ALL the information in the form below so we can run your natal chart before you attend.

   Be sure to click the PLACE ORDER button when you have completed  the form.

   You will receive a confirming email regarding your registration.


2 half day sessions
4/30 & 5/14


Payment by: (choose one)

Payments mailed to
Indigo Ray Astrology Inquiry
6701 Seybold Rd., Suite 119
Madison, WI  53719

Full Payment
10% discount
for e-check or Credit Card

$25.00 Deposit
Full payment due by 4/25

Balance Due Payment
Whole Day Session
Payment by: (choose one)
Payments mailed to
Indigo Ray Astrology Inquiry
6701 Seybold Rd., Suite 119
Madison, WI  53719
Full Payment
10% discount
for e-check or Credit Card

$25.00 Deposit
Full payment due by 5/18

Balance Due Payment

First Name Last Name
PHONE NO: Area Code included ( ) +




Place of Birth: City County

Time of Birth 00:00 AM PM
Please no 24 hour just 12 hour
Critical to all astrology interpretation is the correct birth time.  If you are unable to know the official birth record time, please make sure you note that below. 

Check Birth time

For further assistance, either email us with the CONTACT IRAI link in the side bar, or phone us at 608-442-5156

June 4th, 2005  12:30 AM - 5:00 PM
Healing with Astrology

We are our own healers and within our personal Natal chart the pattern is explain. There will be discussion on the role of Chiron in a natal chart. Observing the blessings of the Lunar cycle and the Solar cycle informs the student of the positive impulses from the Celestial Heavens for personal healing and transformation. Developing your own inner healer through guided visualization is taught.

INTERNET PAYMENT only by e check or credit card. No personal checks or money order.

Pre-registration is required.  Fill out the personal information form and submit.

June 11th, 2005
10 AM - 5:30 PM 1/2 hour break
Your Lunar Self

The transformative powers of our emotional, creative and psychic self examined through the influence of the your personal Moon’s energy. How the lunation cycle of each month affects us daily and how we can work within that energy. Questions answered will be: Does the Moon Void of Course have a personal influence? What is the Black Moon: Lilith? What Lunar Progressed Phase am I in? How the Solar Wheel of Life and Light integrates with the monthly lunation cycle. Also explained will be how the Lunar Nodes work within this energy. *

$25.00 non-refundable deposit required with Pre-registration.
Credit card or e-check payment: Deposit:$25.00
Balance in full:$65.00 due by June 6, 2005
10% Discount for Full Payment and in advance:$81.00
After paying or depositing, please fill out the Pre-Registration form and submit.