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The wheel above links to a explanatory graphic of the horoscope symbols and correspondances.

Please note: The symbols are original graphics and are copyrighted. If you wish to use them please use the CONTACT IRAI link in the side bar to ask for permission

The Zodiac Symbols

*NOTE: the beginning and ending date of each sign varies from year to year by as much as three days. These are approximate. Please check an ephemeris for specific dates of the particular year. Feel free to email us for that information.

Aries: The Ram    March 21-April 20*
    Modern Planetary Ruler: Mars    Physical correlations: Head, Blood,face    Tarot Correspondent: The Emperor   Element: Fire and Quality: Cardinal   MASCULINE  Color: Red  NATURAL HOUSE: First       NATURAL HOUSE QUALITIES: Angular and Life  Polar Sign: Libra

KEYWORDS: pioneer, assertive   PHRASE: I AM

Taurus: The Bull   April 21-May 20*
      Modern Planetary Ruler:
Venus   Physical correlations: Neck, Nape,shoulders,throat    Tarot Correspondent: The Hierophant   Element: Earth and Quality: Fixed   FEMININE  Color: Green   NATURAL HOUSE: Second   NATURAL HOUSE QUALITIES: Succedent and Substance  Polar Sign: Scorpio

KEYWORDS: practical, sensual   PHRASE: I HAVE

Gemini: The Twins   May 21-June 20*
    Modern Planetary Ruler:
Mercury   Physical correlations: Lungs, bronchial tubes, collarbone, arms and hands   Tarot Correspondent: The Lovers  Element: Air and Quality: Mutable MASCULINE   Color: Yellow   Natural House: Third   NATURAL HOUSE QUALITIES: Cadent and Relationship or Relative Polar sign: Sagittarius

KEYWORDS: congenial, quick-witted   PHRASE: I THINK

Cancer: The Crab  June 21-July22*
     Modern Planetary Ruler:
Moon   Physical correlations: Stomach, female breasts, glands   Tarot Correspondent: The Chariot  Element: Water and Quality: Cardinal   FEMININE  Color: Brown   NATURAL HOUSE: Fourth    NATURAL HOUSE QUALITIES: Angular and Terminal or Endings. Polar Sign: Capricorn

KEYWORDS: intuitive, maternal   PHRASE: I FEEL

Leo: The Lion  July 23-August 22*
     Modern Planetary Ruler:
Sun   Physical correlations: Heart, circulatory system, spinal column   Tarot Correspondent: Strength  Element: Fire and Quality: Fixed   MASCULINE  Color: Gold   NATURAL HOUSE: Fifth   NATURAL HOUSE QUALITIES: Succedent and Life. Polar Sign: Aquarius

KEYWORDS: dramatic, generous  PHRASE: I WILL

Virgo: The Virgin  August 23-September 22*
Mercury  Physical correlations: Intestinal tract, metabolism, solar plexus  Tarot Correspondent: The Hermit   Element: Earth and Quality: Mutable   FEMININE   Color: Orange   NATURAL HOUSE: Sixth  NATURAL HOUSE QUALITIES: Cadent and Substance. Polar Sign: Pisces

KEYWORDS: discriminating, methodical   PHRASE: I ANALYZE

  Libra: The Scales  September 23-October 22*
Venus   Physical correlations: Kidneys, renal pelvis, bladder, skin   Tarot Correspondent: Justice  Element: Air and Quality: Cardinal   MASCULINE  Color: White NATURAL HOUSE: Seventh   NATURAL HOUSE QUALITIES: Angular and Relative or Relationship. Polar Sign: Aries

KEYWORDS: artistic, diplomatic    PHRASE: I BALANCE

  Scorpio: The Scorpion   October23-November 21*
      Modern Planetary Ruler:
Pluto Classical Planetary Ruler: Mars  Physical correlations: Genitals   Tarot Correspondent: Death  Element: Water and Quality: Fixed    FEMININE   Color: Black   NATURAL HOUSE: Eighth   NATURAL HOUSE QUALITIES: Succedent and Endings or Terminal. Polar Sign: Taurus

KEYWORDS: investigative, aware   PHRASE: I DESIRE

Sagittarius: The Archer  November 22-December 21*
     Modern Planetary Ruler:
Jupiter   Physical correlations: Hips, thighs, liver and gallbladder  Tarot Correspondent: Temperance   Element: Fire and Quality: Mutable  MASCULINE Color: Blue NATURAL HOUSE: Ninth  NATURAL HOUSE QUALITIES: Cadent or Life Polar Sign: Gemini

KEYWORDS: philosophical, broad-minded   PHRASE: I UNDERSTAND

Capricorn: The Goat   December 22-January 20*
      Modern Planetary Ruler:
Saturn   Physical correlations: Bone system, knees, nails  Tarot Correspondent: The Guardian  Element: Earth and Quality: Cardinal   FEMININE  Color: Gray NATURAL HOUSE: Tenth   NATURAL HOUSE QUALITIES: Angular and Substance Polar Sign: Cancer

KEYWORDS: cautious, hardworking   PHRASE: I USE

Aquarius: The Water-Carrier   January 21-February 19*
      Modern Planetary Ruler:
Uranus Classical Planetary Ruler: Saturn Physical correlations: Lower leg, pancreas   Tarot Correspondent: The Star  Element: Air and Quality: Fixed   MASCULINE  Color: Blue/Green  NATURAL HOUSE: Eleventh   NATURAL HOUSE QUALITIES: Succedent and Relationship or Relative    Polar Sign: Leo

KEYWORDS: individualistic, altruistic   PHRASE: I KNOW

Pisces: The Fish  February 20-March 20*
    Modern Planetary Ruler:
Neptune Classical Planetary Ruler: Jupiter Physical correlations: Feet and ankles  Tarot Correspondent: The Moon  Element: Water and Quality: Mutable   FEMININE   Color: Purple  NATURAL HOUSE: Twelfth   NATURAL HOUSE QUALITIES: Cadent and Endings or Terminal   Polar Sign: Virgo

KEYWORDS: sacrificing, introspective   PHRASE: I BELIEVE


The Planets

Please note: The symbols are original graphics and are copyrighted. If you wish to use them please use the CONTACT IRAI LINK in the side bar for permission.

The Sun: Exalted in Aries, Detriment in Aquarius, Fall in Libra and Dignity in Leo. Orbits the entire zodiac in one year. Stays on the average of one month in each sign. The sun embodies your reflections on your own character and personality development and how it occurs. Often your particular "path" or goal is inherent in the characteristics of the Sun. Ruler of the Zodiac Sign Leo.

  Keywords:  the self, outward appearance

The Moon: Exalted in Taurus, Detriment in Capricorn, Fall in Scorpio and Dignity in Cancer. Orbits the entire zodiac in 27 days. Stays on the average of about 2 days in each sign. The moon represents the inner nature of the self. This is where all the unconscious and instinctive as well as intuitive reactions stem from. This is often considered the characteristics of the "subconscious". Minor Benefic.Ruler of the Zodiac Sign Cancer.

 Keywords:  domestic and nurturing.

Mercury: Exalted in Virgo, Detriment in Sagittarius, Fall in Pisces and Dignity in Gemini. Orbits the entire zodiac in about 87 days. Remains in each Zodiac sign on the average of 7 days. This planet stands for the mind and intellect as well as communication. All the mental faculties are embodied within this planet's characteristics. Some refer to it as the path that thought travels between the unconscious mind and the conscious mind. Mercury in Retrograde which happens about four times a year can wreak havoc on signed contracts, author's drafts, computer systems, and just about anything that has a mode of communication and commitment will need to be redone when this tiny planet closest to the Sun appears Retrograde. Considered a Minor Benefic. Ruler of the Zodiac Signs: Gemini and Virgo.

Keywords: physical and mental communication

Venus: Exalted in Pisces, Detriment in Aries, Fall in Virgo and Dignity in Taurus and Libra. Orbits the entire zodiac in 225 days and remains in each sign on the average of 19 days. This planet symbolizes love, feeling, peace and harmony in relationships. Like Mercury being so close to the Sun, its place in a natal chart is usually either the same as the Sun or falling within two houses from the Sun Sign.Considered a Major Benefic. Ruler of the Zodiac Signs: Taurus and Libra.

Keywords: Harmony and Union.

Mars: Exalted in Capricorn, Detriment in Libra, Fall in Cancer and Dignity in Aries and Scorpio. Orbits the entire zodiac in 687 days and stays an average of about 2 months in each sign. This planet embodies the strength one has in their will to achieve and conquer their goals. An often maligned planet due to its namesake, Mars the God of War, one needs to be reminded that Mars was also the God of Husbandry. Thus Martian aspects in a chart often represent animal magnetism and great understanding of nature. Considered a Major Malefic. Ruler of Aries and Scorpio.

Keywords:  Energy and initiative

Jupiter: Exalted in Cancer, Detriment in Gemini, Fall in Capricorn and Dignity in Sagittarius. Orbits through the zodiac around every 12 years and stays in each sign an average of about one year. This large planet is interpreted largely on its size as a characteristic of expansion in one's chart. Trust and your values in life's meaning are embodied in this planet. Jupiter also represents career, good fortune and prosperity as well as wisdom and dignity. Considered a Major Benefic.Ruler of the Zodiac sign: Sagittarius.

 Expansion and recreation.

Saturn: Exalted in Libra, Detriment in Cancer, Fall in Aries and Dignity in Capricorn. Orbits through all the signs once every 29 years or so. When it returns to the exact degree and sign of a natal chart position this is called the "Saturn Return". This happens around 28.5 years and 57 years of age. Stays in each sign an average of two years. This planet represents structure, steadfastness, determination, and limitation. The effect that Saturn aspects may have are often for the individual to redefine their boundaries as well as encountering restrictions that may be unpleasant. The limitations are often self-perceived. Much of the challenge is to learn what is the self-induced limitation. All this is in the name of transformation but could be a time for separations and farewells. Considered a Major Malefic. Ruler of the Zodiac signs: Capricorn and Aquarius.

Keywords:  Limitation and Teacher

Chiron: Orbits takes about 51 years and connects to both Saturn and Uranus orbits. Not astronomically called a planet, but instead is referred to as a Centaur which is neither asteroid or planet because of size and "coma" but considered a "mini-planet. Chiron will stay 8 years in Aries and only 1 and 1/2 in Libra due to its odd orbit. First discovered in 1977, it has been astrologically recognized since 1992. It is termed the "wounded healer" , thus another area of interpretation for karma astrology. One astrologer, Zane Stein, considers Chiron the Ruler for Virgo through Sagittarius.

Healing from the Past, healing others

or Uranus: Exalted in Scorpio, Detriment in Leo, Fall in Taurus, and Dignity in Aquarius. Discovered in 1781, the planet takes 84 years to traverse through the zodiac and remains in each sign on an average of 7 years. This is the planet that embodies freedom and independence. It has the nickname as "liberator". Its effect can be of unexpectant changes and upheaval. Considered a Minor Malefic. Ruler of the Zodiac sign: Aquarius.

 Change and Freedom

Neptune: Exalted in Leo, Detriment in Capricorn, Fall in Aquarius, and Dignity in Pisces. Discovered in 1846, its orbit through the zodiac is 165 years. The duration in one sign is 14 years. Saturn teaches boundaries and Neptune DISSOLVES boundaries. Neptune's effect is mystical and of the spiritual realm. Those chart aspected well with Neptune usually prove to have psychic and clairvoyant abilities. The down side is this is the planet that indicates addiction to drugs and alcohol and destructive behavior because there is difficulty in coping with the mundane world. Considered a Minor Malefic. Ruler of the Zodiac sign: Pisces.

Keywords:  Intuitive and Fantasy.

or Pluto: Detriment in Taurus, Exalted and Fall not determined as of yet, Dignity in Scorpio. Discovered in 1930, its orbit takes a whopping 248 years to visit all the signs in the zodiac belt. It overstays its welcome in each sign to the tune of 21 years on the average but it can vary from 11 to 30 years because of its unusual orbit. Pluto represents the deepest transformational power a person experiences in life. The characteristics this planet brings to the surface is powerlessness, helplessness, dependency, and emotional entanglement. Obsession is also indicated. Considered a Minor Malefic. Ruler of the Zodiac sign: Scorpio

 Keywords: Elimination and transformation.

Moon's North Node and Moon's South Node: The moon is facing part south and north of the Sun's orbit thus the two directional names. If the Moon comes from the South it is called Ascending Moon's Node, North Node, or Dragon's Head. Coming from the North it is Descending Moon's Node, South Node and Dragon's Tail. The opposition creates an automatic aspect to each other. The meaning are as well opposite. The South Node indicates something you have mastered and learned in the past, old patterns that the soul carried forward to this life time, karmically speaking. The North Node indicates what needs to accomplished in this life time and is directly opposite of the past. The effect is expressed primarily in the HOUSE that it resides in and not the Zodiac Sign.

Part of Fortune:this is a point in space rather than a celestial body. The Part of Fortune shows the Moon at sunrise and and indicates the relationship of the Sun and the Moon. This a mathematical equation of calculating the longitude of the Ascendant to the longitude of the Moon and subtracting the longitude of the Sun to receive the sum which is the Part of Fortune. The thumbnail meaning is that the HOUSE that the Part of Fortune resides in is where the person will be the most fortunate but modern astrology also looks at the Part of Fortune in relationship to karmic readings.

Retrograde: The path of the orbit of a planet is ecliptic, their speed, as viewed by the Earth, varies by their position in the ecliptic journey. Earth is also moving in this ecliptic path which results with it being "faster" than another planet. This makes that planet appear as if it is moving backwards. The Retrograde planets in a natal chart play a major role in working with Karmic astrology.


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The Asteroids
Please note: The symbols are original graphics and are copyrighted. If you wish to use them please use the CONTACT IRAI LINK in the side bar for permission.

       The Asteroids are a belt of orbiting debris of what has been speculated as a disintegrated planet between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. Some astrologers believe that the belt is the remains of what use to be Pluto and that Pluto was "exiled" to the outer rim. The four major asteroids considered in today's astrology are listed below but there are thousands of these boulders in orbit between the Red Planet and the Giant Planet. The four asteroids focused on representing different aspects of the feminine. These attributes are identified because at the time of the discovery (early 19th century) was the beginning of the women's movement in the West.

        Although the owners of Indigo Ray recognize the astronomical existence of the Asteroid, astrologically the owners do not have enough research data on hand to draw any professional interpretations. We can erect a chart that includes the asteroid information at the time of your birth but we would refer you to a more able astrologer such as Demetra George for interpretation.

        If you wish to have your chart include the Asteroids, please so request.

Ceres (Demeter): This is the first asteroid to be discovered on New Year's Day in 1801. It is also the largest. Named for the Earth Goddess and mother of Persephone. The asteroid represents the process of motherhood and nurturing in the individual's chart and is attributed to the sign of Cancer as a co-ruler to the Moon.

Juno (Hera): This is the third of the major asteroids to be discovered in 1805. Juno is the Wife aspect of the four asteroids and of course, the consort of Jupiter and thus the astrology of Juno represents the partnering energy of intimate relationship. Much of the interpretation has to do with boundaries in relationships. This sign is attributed to Taurus as a co-ruler to Venus.

Pallas Athene (Minerva): The second asteroid to be discovered in the year 1802. Pallas, astrologically, identifies the wisdom and pursuit of intellect in a person's chart. It represents the creative use of the mental faculty in combination with ageless wisdom. This sign is attributed to Aquarius as a co-ruler of Mercury and Uranus

Vesta (Hestia): Discovered in 1807, in mythology, Vesta is a sister of Jupiter and Juno who chooses to remain a virgin and will not marry. Goddess of the hearth fire and thus her symbol is the flame. Asteroid Vesta is interpreted largely as the domestic engineer and the effects of sexual intimacy. This sign is involved to both Virgo and Scorpio but is co-ruler of Pluto.


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