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Tarot cards are another way of divining the future. The practice goes back to the Medieval Ages. The typical deck has 78 cards. 22 Major Arcana or Trumps and 56 Minor Arcana. The Minor Arcana has four suits and depending on the type of deck you use, it does correspond to our present day four suited playing card deck.

Twelve of the Major Arcana cards are correspond to a Zodiac Sign. The remaining Major Arcana cards have assignments to the Planets.

Many versions and variation on a theme type decks have been created in the last 30 years. For purposes of information, the correspondences here relate to most often the beginning tarot deck for anyone, The Rider-Waite Deck.

Interpretations of each of these trumps are largely left up to learned mediator of the seeker's question and can not be handed down as "rote" interpretations.

There are many good texts that pull all this information together when learning to read Tarot. We recommend The Easy Guide to Tarot by Marcia Masino as a start.

Zodiac Sun Sign Correspondence
Aries: The Emperor Trump IV

The Hierophant

Trump V
Gemini: The Lovers Trump VI
Cancer: The Chariot Trump VII
Leo: Strength Trump VIII(or XI)
Virgo: The Hermit Trump IX
Libra: Justice TrumpXI(or VIII)
Scorpio: Death Trump XIII
Sagittarius: Temperance Trump XIV
Capricorn: The Guardian or The Devil Trump XV
Aquarius: The Star Trump XVII
Pisces: The Moon Trump:XVIII

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The Planet
Rules this
Sun Sign(s)
The Trump The Key
The Sun Leo The Sun Trump XIX
The Moon Cancer The High Priestess Trump II
Mercury Virgo & Gemini The Magician Trump I
Venus Taurus & Libra The Empress Trump III
Mars Aries
Classic : Scorpio
The Tower Trump XVI
Jupiter Sagittarius
Classic : Pisces
Wheel of Fortune Trump X
Saturn Capricorn
Classic : Aquarius
The World Trump XXI
Uranus Aquarius The Fool Trump 0
Neptune Pisces The Hanged Man Trump XII
Pluto Scorpio
Judgement Trump XX
*Chiron,Planetoid between Uranus and Saturn, correspondence is assigned by the owners of Indigo Ray Astrology Inquiry. Chiron "the wounded healer" is new to astrology since 1992. We feel it is represented well by the Guardian/Devil card because, as with Saturn, there is a Chiron Return in one's lifetime around the 51st year. This is often in psychological terms the "mid-life crisis". It is our belief that Trump XV 's meaning does indeed fit the astrological challenging energy of this planetoid. The identification of the zodiac sign associated with this planetoid has yet to reach a concensus in the astrological community. Virgo-Sagittarius is suggested by Zane Stein.
*Chiron Virgo-Sagittarius The Guardian/Devil Trump XV

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This information we present on this astrology site is often the charts erected and interpreted by the Astrologers of Indigo Ray, we are requested to also read the tarot cards.

We offer an in person consultation of $50.00/hour and a phone consultation for $50.00 plus shipping and handling for the tape. For our current clients deduct $10.00 from the price as an appreciation gift.

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An example on what that layout would look like can be viewed  HERE.  The deck, used by the astrologers, is the Dreampower Tarot©1993-2005,RJ Stewart deck created by Bob Stewart and beautifully illustrated by Stuart Littlejohn.




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