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What are Transits and Progressions?

ransits simply defined are the planets that have an aspect today to a planet in your natal chart, thus influencing the potential energy of that day or month or years. Transits and progressions are used in predictive astrology or horary astrology. The transit occurs when a planet in its orbit during your life time forms an aspect to a planet, the Sun, the Moon or any of the house cusps in your natal horoscope or your PROGRESSED natal chart.

  Transits are studied for their trends and issues that may impact your life. Predictive methodology is based on progressions and directions as well as transits. Astrology is an art form in the sense of the individual's astrological interpretation is something that is honed over years of experience and study.

  The field of predictive methodology is ever changing because the field of science of astronomy is forever discovering new celestial bodies or movements that impact on the art of interpreting Astrology. In the owners of Indigo Ray's lifetimes, they have seen Chiron and the asteroids play a major role in predicting the patterns and trends for people in the last 15 years.

   Stars "impel" and not "compel". The objective of astrology is to give you an idea of where your place is in this universe as well as to enlighten you to the energy that pulsates through and around you in that universe. Astrology is not a definitive answer to any question or equation. Free will or choice is the action behind any particular interpretation. What astrology does provide for you is a kind of information database that allows you to determine your educated decision. That decision is based on the "impulse" of the energy but does require "compulsatory" action.

  Transits play the role of antagonist and protagonist in the story surrounding the question in a horary chart. Its up to you how to interact with their intentional energy. The influential energy of transits often asks us to question what are our values, needs, and sustenance of living. Transits by this influence may bring about intentional transformation. Put another way they bring forth the karmic aspects of your life. But again this is the impulse of the energy and is not compulsory.

For a brief but concise explanation of transits, click here.

Transits can have as many as around 300 aspects in one year. A skilled and gifted astrologer has the capability of swimming through all that DATA. Then with a discerning eye, the astrologer advises what are the more important themes that may require self examination. In plain and simple language the interpretation is demystified of the astrology language for ease of comprehension, that otherwise may be hard to digest for someone new to astrology.

  Transits are computed based on the Natal Chart, however we also look at how the transits effect your progressed natal chart. The Natal chart are the celestial positions at birth and a progressed chart gives us a snapshot on how these planets have symbolically moved as you have progressed in age. The formula for your Sun Sign is typically a degree for each year of life on this physical plane. Your Natal Sun sign may be 4 degrees Taurus but now that you are 38 years old, your Progressed Sun Sign would then be 8 degrees Gemini.

The evaluation we complete of your transits and progressions include a thorough examination of the event oriented transits and their effect on the positions of planets in both your natal and progressed natal chart.


Current Client Natal/Progressed/Transits for 3 months:

In person consultation: 90 minutes/tape $120.00
Add $10.00 more for shipping and handling for phone consultation.

Delivery/Preparation: 21 business days

Natal/Progressed/Transit interpretations for 3 months for new customers:

In person consultation:90 minutes/tape: $160.00
Add $10.00 more for shipping and handling for phone consultation

Delivery/Preparation: 21 business days

NO WRITTEN INTERPRETATIONS OFFERED: Software generated reports on transits can be found here

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