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The Wheel of Houses

        The four quadrants are subdivided into three fields. These fields are called Houses. The calculation methods of these fields are the same in astrological practices. However, the actual subdividing does vary and this is called House System. For Indigo Ray's purposes in calculating the chart, we use the Koch (pronounced "coke" as in the soft drink) house system as our default system. Other House systems are: Placidus, Campanus,Regiomontanus, Porphyry and Equal House. If the latitude of the birth place is over 60° we will use the Equal House System. In The only way to learn Astrology, v.11 the authors likened the components of the chart to this analogy: "The planets are the actors, the signs are the roles they play and the houses are the settings or situations in which the cast portrays its role".

Click on the above wheel for a detailed graphical reference wheel.

The Four Quadrants

The Ascendant: Another name for this is the Rising sign and so named because the calculation for the ascendant is the determined by zodiac constellation rested on the eastern horizon in the sky at the time of birth. The characteristic of the Ascendant is that sign on the horizon and is how the outside world views that individual. The three major factors looked at in a chart by astrologers are the Sun Sign, the Moon Sign and the Ascendant. These three make up the powerful indicators that all the other signs and aspects deal with in an individual's chart.

The Descendant: Opposite the Ascendant on the wheel represents and indicates in a chart how one deals with one-to-one relationships and the need of them.

The Imum Coeli: (I.C.)[aka Nadir] This is how the individual expresses himself with friends and families. The planets lying near (within 1° or so) to the IC denote the past lives of the individual.

The Medium Coeli:(M.C.)[aka Midheaven] The placement of planets near and around this point in the chart indicate profession, career and overall drive for achievement.

Click on the parts of the graphic for further explanation

First House: Begins the wheel with the focus on what this life's tone will be. Included in the interpretation are the outer appearance, type of personality, the general awareness of life and vital energy. The physical traits of the individual. The expression of independence and individuality.Natural House of Aries. Angular and House of Life.

Second House: The house of finance and assets. This is called the Prosperity house. Natural House of Taurus. Succedent and House of Substance.

Third House: The house of the mind and communications. Also identified with short journeys of a business nature. Natural House of Gemini. Cadent and House of Relationships.

Fourth House: The house of family and ancestors. This is where the home hearth lies. Also identified with the father. Natural House of CancerAngular and House of Endings.

Fifth House: The house of children. The Inner Child, if you will, is indicated in this house. Self-expression and playfulness are adjectives that can describe the aspects of the planets that fall in this house. Natural House of Leo. Succedent and House of Life.

Sixth House: The house of physical work. Here lies the indicators of the relationship between body and mind. Alternative medicine is indicated in this house. Work life environment is a matter for the sixth house. Natural House of Virgo. Cadent and House of Substance.

Seventh House: The house of partnership and commitment. The give and take in personal relationships. Lasting partnerships and associates. Natural House of Libra. Angular and House of Relationships.

Eighth House: The house of transformation. Death and rebirth. Inheritances. The Occult. Natural House of Scorpio. Succedent and House of Endings.

Ninth House: The house of philosophy. Long journeys and foreign countries. The search for a power greater than yourself. Natural House of Sagittarius. Cadent and House of Life.

Tenth House: The house of vocation or the individual's calling in life. The house becomes more important as the individual's life progresses.Natural House of Capricorn. Angular and House of Substance.

Eleventh House: The house of friends. The house covers groups, team spirit, large communities, and hospitality. Natural House of Aquarius. Succedent and House of Relationships.

Twelfth House: House of secrets. The mystical house. Retreat and seclusion. Can also indicate where hidden enemies are. Natural House of Pisces. Cadent and House of Endings.


Life Houses (also known as personal houses): The Element of Fire: First, Fifth and Ninth House of the Wheel. If the chart reveals many planets in any or all of these houses the people for which the chart applies usually are dynamic and inspriational. Their enthusiasm is contagious and strong with spiritual committment.

FIRST HOUSE: Physical body expression
FIFTH HOUSE: Soul's expression
NINTH HOUSE: Spiritual expression

Substance Houses (also known as possessive houses): The Element of Earth: Second, Sixth and Tenth House of the Wheel. Fortunate people who have many planets in either one or any of these houses are often viewed as the stable and conscientious citizens of the community. Their world view is often of practical and sometimes dull compared to the other elements yet security is often the end result.

SECOND HOUSE : material possessions, personal finances
SIXTH HOUSE: Occupation or Career
TENTH HOUSE: public recognition, work environment
and professional well-being

Relationship Houses (also known as relative houses):The Element of Air : Third, Seventh and Eleventh House of the Wheel. These are the houses of people and how they relate to that particular person of the chart.

THIRD HOUSE: relatives and neighbors, people we can not choose to have in our life
SEVENTH HOUSE: close relationships and partners,the people we do choose to interact closely with in our lives
ELEVENTH HOUSE: social and mental relationships,people we choose for shared interests and small talk

Endings Houses (also known as terminal houses):
The Element of Water: Fourth, Eighth and Twelfth House of the Wheel. People who have planet populations in any or all of these houses can be regarded as sensitive and feeling. Occupations that align with these houses are: psychoanalysis, spiritual leaders and social workers. These houses describe the SOUL and the probable way we will shed our mortal coils.

FOURTH HOUSE: the end of the physical body
EIGHTH HOUSE: the liberation of the soul, death
TWELFTH HOUSE: philosophic death,
the results of the course of life we choose to take



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